How to Create Loose Sexy Curls like Kate Middleton!

Want to know how to create Kate Middleton’s loose sexy curls? Her hairstyle is easy to imitate, just like the waves in Jessica Simpson’s hair.

Everyone wants to know how she gets such gorgeous, yet free spirited hair!

Kate Middleton’s style is much like her hair. She has an unassuming style about her that makes her so appealing to most ordinary people. It’s the same kind of style that Princess Diana had! It’s no wonder that William was attracted to her in the first place!

Kate Middleton image

You can tell by the many photos of Kate, that she isn’t a fashionista. She dresses conservatively yet she has her own brand of style that she brings to it. Her demeanor is straight-forward, yet desirable. She seems as comfortable sporting a pair of worn out jeans as she does 'dressing to impress' in a classic suit. Her hair is gorgeous but it’s not extraordinary. Her luscious locks are styled in a way that’s definitely easy to create at home.

Kate Middleton gets her hair done in Richard Ward’s salon in Chelsea. She is [supposedly] a big fan of Infusion Blow Dry, which combines conditioning and speed drying in one step. It is also rumored that she uses Kerastase hair products regularly!

How to Create Kate Middleton's Loose Sexy Curls

Before you begin: Never wash your hair before you style it. You’ll create longer lasting curls when your hair is slightly dirty. Always apply gels or mousse (or other styling products) on slightly wet or damp hair, especially if you’re going to blow dry your hair. (Trying to add styling products evenly to dry hair is virtually impossible to do.) Your hair will look silkier and smoother if you blow it dry using a brush first, then curl it!

Method #1

Start with wet hair. Pin your hair up into 4 sections. Take down one section of hair at a time to work with.

Starting from the bottom, take a small section of hair (from the larger section) and use a medium to large round brush to both curl and dry your hair at the same time. When the section of hair is nearly dry (damp) roll it over two or three fingers into medium sized circles, (about the same diameter as the brush) then pin the circles against your head. Create each curl the same way! When you’ve finished curling your hair, blow dry each curl until your hair feels dry or you can allow your hair to dry naturally.

When you’re sure your hair is completely dry, take down each curl one at a time, then use your fingertips to gently pull through and separate curls. Use a paddle brush to gently glide over the top of your hair to smooth it out but be careful not to brush curls. Turn your head upside down and spray on a flexible hold hairspray. Toss your hair back as you stand up and then look for any final touches you need to do. You will have curls that look like Kate’s sexy curls!

Method #2

Start with damp hair. Don’t dry your hair completely or your curls won’t form as well!

Use a medium sized round hair brush to both curl your hair while you blow it dry. Here’s the key though. While your hair is still damp, hold your brush vertically and finish drying with your hair still curled around the brush. Hold each curl and blast with heat from the dryer for several seconds until it’s dry. Pull the brush straight down until your hair slides off the brush. Use a smaller round brush and curl smaller sections for tighter curls and use a larger round brush with larger sections for looser curls. You’ll get partial ringlets for that ‘unfinished’ Kate-style look!

Method #3

Starting with wet hair, blow dry your hair with a large round brush to add hair volume and keep your hair smooth. Use a medium or large size barrel curling iron to curl your hair. As you finish making your curls, pin them against your scalp to set.

Once hair is completely curled, allow hair to cool thoroughly. Remove the hair pins and lightly brush through curls or use your fingertips. Smooth the top of your hair with a large paddle brush. Your hair will have full and loose sexy curls that are so reminiscent of Kate’s style.

Method #4

In this method, you can also use velcro curlers, foam curlers, snap on rollers, or hot rollers! Either way, you can create luscious, sexy curls if you slow down (just like the Brits) and enjoy the process.

Its not hard to get loose sexy curls like Kate! Using the right hair products will help your curls stay in place longer and using the right methods, will help your curls look great!

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