Seductive Makeup – Tempting Fate with Bewitching Appeal!

Seductive makeup should be used when you want to pull out all the stops!

It’s for those occasions when you want to look so yummy, no one could refuse your tantalizing advances!

Seducing your prey is your main objective, so look alert and pay attention! Your mission is clear so get prepared!

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Seductive make up is different than sexy makeup. Sexy can be alluring but it’s more often associated with fun loving and flirty! When you want to lure your partner, flirty just won’t cut it. When you wear seductive makeup, your ultimate goal is a ‘hot n heavy’ encounter with someone you’re heavily attracted to! Remember though, you don’t want to look inappropriate. You want to look like you’re ready to ‘sizzle and seduce’!

Seductive Makeup Application

  • If you want your makeup to stay in place, use a light moisturizer and a good slathering of makeup primer.

  • Foundation makeup is a must have unless you have super perfect skin or a great tan. You’ll need to cover up any blemishes first, before you apply more makeup. Remember your ultimate goal girl! You aren’t wearing seductive makeup if you’re zits are showing!

    Mineral makeup is a must have for women and men of today’s fast pace. It’s a perfect solution for anyone whose on the go and yet gives you great coverage just by layering it.

    You’ll need to use a concealer beforehand if you’ve got blemishes you want to hide. Apply a small dots to blemishes and blend in. Cover them completely with the foundation makeup of your choice. Finish with a translucent loose powder to polish off your skin.

  • Makeup around your eyes is essential. Eyeshadow colors should be bold and striking for the best results. If you want your shadow to stay put, use an eyeshadow primers before you begin!

    Smoky eyes are extremely alluring for every eye color. You can use whatever colors you like but for seductive makeup, its best to stick to the basic white, gray, and black colors. Seductive makeup suggests using dark, sultry, and tranquilizing makeup colors. Black, gray, and white colors are mystical and enchanting. Use them to attract the opposite sex!

  • Eyeliner should be overexaggerated if you want to look magnetizing. You must embellish your eyes if you want to entice someone into your trap. Black eyeliner accomplishes just that! Cat eyes are a great way to accentuate too. Extend eyeliner lines outside your outer lash lines for the greatest effect. You can use both black pencil liner and liquid liner to create contrast. You can make the lines as thin or thick as you like and smudge them out or not. It may depend on your mood though... and how much effort you want to put into your goal.

    With cat eyes for example, the line along the top lashes starts thinner towards the inner eyes and gets thicker towards the outer eyes.

    For a popping effect, use a light colored liner (like white) near the inside of the eyes, which makes you look alert and on task!

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  • Mascara is a required part of seductive makeup you just can’t do without. If you’re planning on participating in some heavy petting, you’ll need to use waterproof mascara so it doesn't get all over the place OR your date! Basic black is the most seductive color but use what you like best. Just make sure the color mascara you choose matches your makeup and your eyes! Try Covergirl Eyelights to get the shade that's right for you!

    Glossy mascara is another way to set your date on fire. It shimmers and looks bewildering in soft lighting or candlelight.

    For the best effect, layer several coats of mascara, allowing them to dry between coats.

  • Blush is also crucial. Just a hint on your cheeks should do the trick. Peachy shades of blush always look natural on all skin tones. You will need to find the right shade for your skin though. Use a large makeup brush to blend completely after blush application.

    If your encounter is during the day, you won't need as much. If you’ll tearing up the night, more is better because of dimmer lighting.

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  • Lipstick is one part of seductive makeup you’ll have to really think over. If you’re going to be sucking face and making out all night, you don’t want to transfer your lipstick to your mate. Wearing lighter shades like soft coral lipstick or peachy pink lipstick with a clear gloss on top is all you’ll really need to make your lips pouty and sexual.

    Hint: Lip glosses and lighter lipstick colors also make your lips look puckered up, whereas matte colors make your lips look thinner.

    Finish off your seductive makeup application with or without a final brushing over with loose powder. The advantage of using it is that it helps blend your makeup. If you’re not planning on wearing your makeup all night, then it won't really matter that much, right?

    Be sure to pick out the right sexy clothes for the occasion too! You won't look mischievous if you're not showing off a little skin. If your skin is pale and pasty, try using a spray on tanning lotion before you dress. Some of the newer bronzers dry instantly! Also remember to adorn your nails with the right nail polish to close the deal. Dazzle your prey with a few splashes of glitter placed (in indiscreet areas), add a spritz of an enticing perfume, add a few curls to your hair, and you're ready to go!

    Seductive makeup turns 'hum drum'' into 'heck yes'! You’ll look enticing and captivate the target of your hot sensual pursuit.

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