Scary Hairstyles from the Past

Scary hairstyles have always trended throughout time. Problem is, we didn't know how horrible they really were!

To think that many of us sported the styles below with pride and thought they were 'majorly cool' is even more frightening!

the mullet hairstyle image

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Many haircuts and styles from the past were nothing more than a show of self-expression. They pushed boundaries and were quite revolutionary in their day! You never had to yell to get your point across, which actually made it quite a beautiful thing!

Looking back on things, it is evident that hairstyles have come the distance. However, in twenty years from now, we may again be looking back and laughing out loud about some of the styles we’re sporting today. It’s completely possible, you know!

To test which hairstyles terrorize you the most, you have to ask yourself if you’d ever wear the style. If you can’t imagine it, then that style would make your scary hairstyles list!

Here are some of the shockingly scary hairstyles people used to wear all the time! (and some still do today!)

Scary Hairstyles from the Past

the mullet hairstyle image

The Mullet

The mullet was made stylish back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, to the best of my recollection. This cut left the hair very short on the top and sides but was worn longer in the back. It was enjoyed by by both women and men alike. Oh, the horror!

The long hair left in the back was an attempt to hang onto the long hairstyles of the 60’s and early 70’s. It was a way of rebelling without being overwhelming!

In the black community, the mullet was called the shag.

the bowl cut image

The Bowl Cut

This cut was so wrong on so many levels. It's on my list of scary hairstyles to never imitate! Why? Because it looked like someone had turned a bowl upside down, placed it on your head, and then cut your hair along the edges of the bowl. There's something very awry with this picture. I mean, it lacks imagination and energy!

It was very popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I remember a lot of patrons would come into the salon where I worked and order me to cut their kids hair into a bowl cut. Ghastly! Poor children.

poofy bangs image

Big Bangs/Poofy Bangs

This was a totally 80’s style, along with big hair! You could tease your bangs and leave the rest of your hair straight (preferred method) or go for the overall big hair look and fluff all of it! Everyone wanted layered bangs so they could get this look! Compared to today's styles, this cut was sheer terror!


the beehive image

The Beehive

Because of the large quantity of hairspray that was needed for this style, it's amazing that it ever became so glamorized! In the early 60's when the beehive hit, women went WILD and CRAZY for it!

To get the hair into this bouffant style, the hair had to be repeatedly teased and then bundled on top of the head. It also had to be smoothed over and heavily sprayed with hairspray to hold the style. The more holding-power the hairspray had, the better! Of course, a little hair was left out (to flip up or down) along the fringes in the back. I'm sure it was a lot easier styling this than taking it out. Gnarly!

the pixie image

The Pixie

The pixie cut has been around for some time and modern versions can still be seen today. It was a trend started by Audrey Hepburn back in the 50’s and then was seen again in the 60’s and worn by Mia Farrow, Twiggy, and Goldie Hawn on Laugh-In. At the time, women used the short cut to show men that women too, could become successful without having much hair! The style itself is not too bad but so many women wore it that shouldn't have, it led to a lot of stares, and not for good reasons!

The original style was cut short all over and cut around the ears. It was optimized by sharp pointed sideburns. Today’s pixie cuts are somewhat longer on the top and sides. One celebrity who wears the style quite well is Halle Berry.

the wedge hairstyle image

The Wedge

The mushroom wedge was popularized by Dorothy Hamill (Olympic Figure Skater) back in the 70’s. Reportedly, she asked her stylist for something that would show off her thick locks but keep it from getting into her eyes while she skated. After she showed off the style, the wedge was born. Imitating this style is what makes it scary! It's complicated style takes precision cuts and a steady hand. For that reason, it's also very high maintenance, which makes it taboo for most of us.

*Interestingly, the original version of this cut was a five-point geometric haircut, which originated at Vidal Sassoon Hair Salon back in 1964.

the mohawk image

The Mohawk

Obviously, the Mohawk was taken from the days of cowboy and Indian shows on television at that time. It showed clear signs of nonconformity and demonstrated that you didn’t need a lot of hair to make a profound statement!

In the style, the head was completely shaven or cut very short and then left longer in a narrow part line going right down the center of the head. There are many different variations of the style and some people even choose to wear their hair like this today! Yikes! That’s super ghoulish!

the Beatles mop top image

The Mop Top

In 1964 the Beatles first arrived in the US, their hair became an instant hit, along with their music! Many other rock bangs extended their own band's popularity by imitating this hairstyle, including The Dave Clark Five and Herman’s Hermits. Later on, The Monkey’s lead singer Davy Jones, re-popularized the style. Miss you Davy!

Can the mop top be compared to Justin Beiber's hair today? I'm just saying... they are eerily similar! As far as image and popularity go, his hairstyle was (obviously) a brilliant PR move on his part!

I dunno. You compare them and let me hear from you in the comments section below, OK?

Justin Beiber mop top image

As long as people can grow their hair out, scary hairstyles will always play a role. We can't always foresee the mistakes we make along the way but it sure is a hoot to experiment! Changing the way you have your hair is a beautiful thing! It's a real attention grabber if you create a masterpiece instead of a monster!

scardy cat image *Special Note to Parents - Please do let your children experiment with their hair, if the hairstyle isn't too gruesome. There are so many things kids can't control nowadays. Allow them to manage a few things, and they'll be less likely to act out in other ways! That's a fact!

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