Root Hair Color - How to Do a
Root Touch Up

Are you struggling over how to do a root hair color? The directions given in most box colors are hard to follow and are simply not easy to understand! Most of the time, you end up making a mess, especially if you're using dark hair colors.

To make matter's worse, the protective gloves they give you with box colors, just don't fit well. If only someone would show you how!

Coloring your own hair is not that hard, but it does require a little bit of prior knowledge. If you've ever had your hair colored in a salon, you were probably too relaxed to notice the method's your hairdresser used. After all, going to a salon is a bit like going to a spa. The purpose is for someone else to do it for you, so you can relax.

However, the economy today is far from thriving. Everyone is having to cut back on the services they use and the products they buy!

Most everyone is having to dig in their heels and do things for themselves that they never imagined having to do! Services like getting your color touched up, are considered an extravagance. When the economy is bad, most people have to do without.

The biggest hurdle when you do a root hair color, is overlapping. Hair that has previously been colored before doesn't need to be colored again. If you continually color previously colored hair, you can damage your hair and it becomes more prone to breaking off or splitting.

Also, color expands! You don't need to worry too much about applying color outside the roots. It will go there all by itself. One thing you do need to pay attention to when you do a root hair color, are 'holidays'.

Holidays in hair color language, are missed sections. Always use the end of a rat tail comb and look back through your roots to check for them.

However, if you can follow a line, you can do this! View the video's below to get more tips on how to do a root touch up!

Root Color, Part I

If you'd like to see it live on Youtube, here's the link.


Root Color, Part 2

If you'd like to see it live on Youtube, here's the link.

Root Hair Tips for Better Color Coverage

If you'd like to see it live on Youtube, here's the link.

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