Remove Pimples Overnight

The way to get pimples away a night for something big the next day is to put tooth paste on it at night and in the morning take it off with some cool water. I am a living witness that this works it will just like a little little little dot....not even noticeable. (unless you're really close) good luck hope i helped!


Great tip! Thanks for posting it! I had also heard this in my earlier years and ran across it again recently. Thanks for reminding me about it. It is a great way to remove pimples overnight!

When I was working at a busy salon in Durham, NC, there was a lady who came in all the time. She used toothpaste for everything. Cuts, bruises, pimples! lol She swore by it. I recently read though, that you need to use the plain kind of toothpaste to get the best results. (The kind noone uses anymore.) Not the kind with the stripes in it. Just plain old regular toothpaste is best to use. I use a dab of cortisone-10 cream when I'm in a pickle. You can't use it often though, as it thins your skin over time. The toothpaste is a better way to go though, if you get a lot of acne breakouts! Thanks for your great tip!

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