How to Reduce Wrinkles - 7 Easy, Pain-free Options

If you'd like to reduce wrinkles the easy way, you've come to the right place. You'll be amazed at how pain free it really is. Even if those sneaky rascals have already entered the picture, remember that its never too late to start making an effort!

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When your skin doesn't respond (as in 'springing back' or 'filling in') the way it used to, you've got trouble brewing. Those fine lines may look innocent enough at first but over time, believe me, that's going to change.

Chasing away those lines is your game play and you've got an uphill battle! You'll never be as young again as you are today! However, what you do and don't do can make a huge difference later on. I promise you though. Its never too late to start!

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7 Easy Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

  • Excessive alcohol consumption dehydrates and damages skin. That's why it's a good idea to moderate quantities.

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  • A recent study found that women who ate more meat and dairy were more likely to suffer from skin damage. That's compared with women who primarily consumed more vegetables, olive oil, legumes and fish.

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  • Stop squinting to slow down the progression of wrinkles around your eyes by covering them up when you go outside in the bright sun!

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  • Add flax seeds to your favorite homemade muesli blend for breakfast, which will kick start omega 3's early in the day.

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  • Slow down free radical production (a by-product of exposure to cigarette smoke, pesticides, and pollution) by incorporating more red peppers into your diet. They're a great source for vitamin C, which helps boost collagen production.

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  • Sipping through a straw is a lot different than sucking down the contents of a drink in a very short time. Strong suction creates wrinkles around the mouth over time. Rethink your habits and change them if they're contributing to the aging process.

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  • Get OUT of your house or office and experience the great outdoors more often. Fresh air and oxygen do your skin a world of good!

    See? That wasn't too painful was it? You can avoid or at least reduce wrinkles by using common sense in the little things you do daily. Yep, its that easy!

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