Reduce Weight Using These Quirky Ideas

Most people understand that to reduce weight, you have to create a calorie deficit, but how you get that done is totally your call. If you’ve tried taking weight off using conventional methods that haven't worked, you may just have better luck investigating these weird ideas!

Why not? What else have you got to lose except a little time and hopefully a whole lot of weight!

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Having extra weight on your body is kinda like having a clingy partner. Once it's been there for a while, it feels comfortable! What makes it worse is that it's really hard to get rid of most of the time.

However, if you need to get rid of more than a few pounds, it's totally imperative that you act before medical problems are an issue. Remember, most people only get one chance at life!

If diet plans, supplements, and other customary tools for weight loss have failed you in the past, trying something totally different might just be the order of the day! Give some of these quirky and weird ideas a try!

Quirky Ways to Reduce Weight

  • A recent study in the journal Personality and Social Psychology found that people who ate popcorn at the movies consumed less when asked to eat with their less favored hand. (In other words, if you're right handed, try eating with your left hand...) The psychology behind this is that changing the behavior can help shape new associations in the brain.

    ^Note: If you're ambidextrous, this tip might not work for you though.

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  • Ever watched yourself eating a meal? If so, then you'll like what I'm going to tell you! It might sound majorly weird but in a study at Iowa State University, researchers found that those who enjoyed their meals in front of a mirror, consumed 1/3 fewer calories than those who didn't. Why? It's all a matter of awareness and a mirror provides that for you.

  • Does trying to keep a written food journal drive you mad? If so, there's a great alternative that can help you reduce weight more quickly! Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison determined that taking snapshots of foods consumed with your smartphone gives you with a visual diary, which is much easier to keep up with and much more effective. When quizzed about the experiment afterward, volunteers of the study said that the pictures were far more impactful and a powerful disincentive to overeat. They also said that having a photo journal made them feel uncomfortable with bad choices because they were ashamed at having to take photos of their food choices. Other volunteers commented that it also highlighted the fact that they weren't choosing enough veggies and fruits.

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  • If you haven't hopped on the Facebook bandwagon just yet, you may want to rethink not doing so! Seems that with the constant danger of having someone tag you in an unappealing picture and the threat of having it broadcast for all eyes to see, social media sites have become a weight loss trigger for many folks. A study by Fitbit identified unflattering Facebook photos as the new number one weight loss trigger for Brits. Who'd have thunk that joining Facebook would help you reduce weight?

    *Note: Just be aware that once you join, you can logout but never really leave!

    In fact, why not join me on Facebook! You can friend me or posts comments on my professional page. I'd love to see you there!

  • Researchers at Cornell and Binghamton Universities found that paying with a credit or debit card can contribute to weight gain. While most people are aware that paying by card can lead to overspending and over-consumption, the study also found found that paying with plastic also has disastrous results for your weight. Why? Because paying with credit tempts you into buying more and spending money impulsively, rather than by being driven by actual hunger pangs. To reduce weight effectively and save your bucks, draw out enough cash for the day, and opt to leave your cards at home.

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  • Did you know that eating with male friends can help you reduce weight by reducing food consumption? Researchers from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the University of Akron found that both men and women consumed fewer calories when dining with men more than dining with women. The researchers believe that women are more aware of gender when around the opposite sex. Women tend to restrict calories to appear 'more feminine'. Men on the other hand tend to eat more around women to appear 'more masculine'.

  • If you've got young children and are battling the bulge, try this tip to reduce weight. According to research done in Denmark, children who wake up during the night and end up sleeping with mom and dad, are far less likely to be fat later on in life than toddlers who were put back in their own beds. The study of 500 Danish children led researchers to conclude that those children who never slept in their parents beds after waking up, were three times more likely to be overweight as adults. Reason? Researchers surmised that the positive parental response leads to a sense of security, which ultimately protects the child against obesity. If you're all grown up and reading this, you're much to big to try this! Behave will ya?

    Its like this, life is messy, however unwanted pounds just make it more challenging. Clean it up by trying some unconventional methods to reduce weight. You may just find a better way to handle the excesses!

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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