Reduce Cellulite - Easy Ideas to Improve the Condition

There are quite a few easy ways you can reduce cellulite. After all, the term simply refers to dimply fat that has lost its elasticity. Even though it's a frequent occurrence, it's also a leading cause of distress for many aging women.

What used to be smooth, firm skin, now hangs and bags, and sags! Ninety percent of women develop the condition after age 30. Oh my!

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Part of the problem is genetics but most of it is simply due to aging. A natural drop in estrogen levels, along with accumulated sun damage, causes the skin to lose its elasticity. The skin sags a little here, bags a little there and generally doesn’t have the firm resiliency of youth.

At the same time, the supporting network of fibers that anchor the skin to underlying muscles is also starting to stretch. That, combined with the extra pounds we usually put on as we approach midlife, goes to the hips, thighs and buttocks, which leads to cellulite.

Why don’t men develop it? Well, its because men have thicker and more elastic skin. The fibers that support a woman's skin runs in one direction only. Men, on the other hand, have tightly crisscrossed fibers that form a net to keep their fat firmly in place. Frigging figures doesn’t it? While you may not be able to avoid getting cellulite, you can get rid of it! Why? Because it's FAT! (weren’t you listening;o)

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Easy Ways to Reduce Cellulite

  • Work it baby! - If you want to reduce cellulite, you must be willing to work at it. Aerobics, coupled with lifting weights, work very well in breaking up dimply fat. Use any kind of exercise that gets your heart rate up and keeps it there for 20 minutes three times a week. Sedentary lifestyles contribute to the dimples, so get off your behind and work it baby!

  • Eating Fat Isn't Phat! - If you consume a lot of fat in your diet, sometimes you will wear it! Eating a low fat diet does NOT help control the amount of extra fat you have on your body. The problem is that many low-fat foods contain chemicals as fillers. The more you include in your diet, the more cellulite is more prone to show up.

    Try limiting your total calories instead. Read product labels and stay away from calorie-rich desserts like cakes, candy, and soda's.

  • Get Knuckled! - A great way to break up and reduce cellulite is by digging into it with your knuckles. When combined with weight loss and smart eating, a twice weekly massage with your knuckles helps to whittle down the most resilient fat pockets. This is by far the most effective way to treat the dimply fat!

  • Cellulite Creams are a Big Fat Lie - Last year, American’s dumped around $80 million dollars trying to get rid of cellulite with gels, creams, electrical currents, and other products that were 'too good to be true'. If you tried one, I fear your bank account is the only thing that lost fat!

    The FDA is now monitoring these products and the claims made by the manufacturers.

    A research team from the Health, Weight, and Stress Clinic at Johns Hopkins Medical Institution in Baltimore tested 32 cellulite removal products. Not one single one worked!

  • Vitamin A - Retinol creams help smooth out dimply skin. Even if the condition doesn't clear up completely, in time you should see some signs of visible improvement but you've got to use the products regularly for them to be effective!

  • Camouflage It - You can either apply a foundation or tinted moisturizer to your skin, as long as the color's not too dark. Dark tints can settle into crevices and will leave streaks on your skin. Keep the shades close to your natural skin tone for the best results.

  • Wear Sunscreen! - You can’t undo the damage that’s already done, but you can keep it from getting worse. Use a sunscreen anytime you go out into the hot sun and protect your skin. You can keep more cellulite from forming if you commit to it.

  • Say Goodbye to Fat! - If you want to reduce cellulite, get rid of the fat! Losing weight is a great way to get rid of excesses and will help prevent more cellulite from forming.

  • Consider Nip Tucking It - If all else fails, then you may want to consider a surgical procedure. A nip/tuck procedure can eliminate the cottage cheese fat but just be prepared. These are generally not covered by health insurance policies and can cost several thousand dollars. In these procedures, the surgeon stretches the skin in problem areas to hide the fatty deposits underneath.

    As with any surgery, consider your practitioner’s experience and reputation. Always get a second opinion if possible!

    To reduce cellulite, the best approach is to simply exercise more often. Stagnant living leads to fat and dimply fat. Get up, move around, and give your dimples away!

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