Healthy Recipes for Juicers that Reinvigorate

Healthy recipes for juicers can help reinvigorate youthfulness and slow down aging. One of the most beneficial ways to get your antioxidants is to extract the nutrients from fresh produce!

Consuming more fruits and vegetables in your diet is an easy solution that anyone can do!

You provide your body with more of what it requires to fight back the hours on a clock! By consuming more nutrition from fresh, viable sources, you'll feel more alive than you have in years!

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You can’t get these essential nutrients your body requires to stay healthy if you don't eat at least seven servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit every day, but who does that?

However, you can squeeze all of those servings in, just by turning the pulp to juice.

Why juice? Why not? It’s not only convenient, it’s easier than trying to stuff your face all the time. You include skins, stems, and pulp in juices that you might not ordinarily consume, since most people simply throw them away. When you juice, every bit of the fruit or veggie is used in the recipe. The skins and leaves of many fruits and vegetables contain most of the nutrients. Cut them off, and you cut out the amount of good they do for you.

Why You Need Antioxidants

There are key vegetables and fruits that you will want to include in your anti aging recipes for juicers.

  • Antioxidants are vital to your diet as you age because they help protect cells from free radical damage, which helps prevent aging.

  • Vitamin C, E, and Selenium –

    Spinach, asparagus, and carrot are good sources of vitamin E.

    Kale, parsley, red bell pepper, fresh beets, kiwi, tomatoes, and broccoli are good sources of vitamin C.

    Swiss chard, turnip greens, garlic, brewers yeast, wheat germ, and oranges are good sources of selenium.

  • Beta carotene and other carotenoids are antioxidants are sources of vitamin A and are needed to fight the aging process. Beta-carotene specifically prevents many eye and skin problems, boosts your immune system, which help protect you against toxins and cancer, colds, flu, and infections. Good food sources are spinach, apricots, carrot, kale, beets, parsley.

  • Pigments found in plants that prevent free radical damage are called flavonoids or live active nutrients. They also have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, and vasodilatory (dilated vessels) effect.

    Food sources include grapes, blueberries, oranges, the juice of lemons, cherries, black currants, acai berry, plums, grapefruit, cabbage, apricots, peppers, cantaloupe, tomato, broccoli, and blackberries.

    In your recipes for juicers, you can include any combination of any of these fruits and veggies. That’s why I love juicing. It's so convenient just to drink your daily supplements.

    Anti Aging Benefits of Juicing

    Ann Wigmore is one of the best known defender for a raw foods diet. When she was in her eighties, she look vibrant and healthy! As she stayed on the diet, she gained energy, got back her natural dark hair back again, and tightened her skin. If you're interested in knowing more, her book is; The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program.

    Even if your busy life keeps you from eating properly, most people can make time to juice. It sure beats depending on V8 to get your nutrition. (Although most juices are good tasting, they're usually packed in sugar and do NOT have the many benefits you'd get from these recipes for juicers.)

    Anti Aging Recipes for Juicers

    Beauty Spa Potion

    4-5 carrots, with skin
    handful of spinach leaves
    1/2 cucumber, peeled
    small handful of parsley
    1/2 apple, with skin

    Fold parsley and spinach leaves and push through hopper with carrots and apples.

    Fresh Calcium Drink

    4-5 carrots, with skin
    3 leaves of fresh kale
    handful of parsley

    Fold up parsley and kale together and push through hopper with carrots.

    Complexion Rejuvenator

    Couple slices of fresh pineapple, with skin
    1/2 cucumber, (peeled if waxy)
    1/2 apple, with skin

    Push all ingredients through the hopper. The order in which you push them doesn’t matter.

    Fresh Salad To Go

    4-5 carrots, with skin or two tomatoes, with skin
    3 broccoli florets
    1 clove garlic
    1/2 apple, with skin
    1/2 green, yellow, red, or orange bell pepper

    Push the first 3 ingredients through hopper first, and end with last two ingredients.

    Fresh Fruit Salad

    Bunch of red grapes, with stems
    1/2 apple
    1/4 lemon with peel

    Push grapes and stems through hopper first, then follow with lemon and apple.

    More Anti Aging Recipes for Juicers

    Recipe 1

    4 carrots
    3 celery
    handful of spinach
    small piece of onion (experiment to see how much you can tolerate)
    1/4" ginger root (peeled)

    Recipe 2

    4 carrots
    1/2 cup of broccoli
    handful of spinach
    1/2 cucumber
    1 clove garlic

    Recipe 3

    1 apple
    1/5 cabbage
    handful of spinach
    1/4" ginger root (peeled)

    Recipe 4

    2 tomatoes
    5 celery
    squeeze of lemon

    Recipe 5

    4 carrots
    handful of fresh green beans
    1/2 cucumber

    Recipe 6

    1 cucumber
    5 celery
    1/4 beet

    Recipe 7

    5 carrots
    4 Kale leaves
    handful of parsley
    1/2 apple (with skin)

    *Hint! - Add fruit such as 1/2 apple or an orange to any of these juices for better flavor.

    When you get through making your recipes for juicers, you’ll need to discard the pulp if you're not using an extractor. If you have a yard, why not make a compost pile with them? Composting is great if you love growing your own veggies at home!

    Anti aging recipes for juicers supply beneficial health foods vital to repair and rejuvenation. Getting MORE antioxidants is an excellent way to fight back against aging.

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