Rachel Bilson Haircut for a Square Face Shape

Q) I would love to have a Rachel Bilson haircut however, I have a square face, so would her cuts work? If so, what do I tell my hairstylist?

Professional Hair Care Answer - Isn't Rachel Bilson a doll? I think everyone loves her and her hair!

Rachel Bilson haircut image When you have a square face shape, you need to try and diminish the 'squareness' of your face. Rachel has a heart shaped face, so she is smart to draw attention away from her sharp chin. Rachel's hair would work pretty well for you but instead of pulling or styling it out of your face like she does, pull it into your face.

You might also want to consider some light wispy bangs to help frame your face.

Rachel's got a wispy layered cut that you'll want to pull forward to hide the squareness of your face shape. This is a quote, right out of my hair care and hair color guide.

Square shaped face – The square face is represented by having wide cheeks with a square jaw and straight hairline. Those who have a square shaped face have the same problems that people with round faces have. The object for both is to detract from the fullness of the both facial features. Asymmetrical hairstyles work well with square faces. Styles should lift off the forehead and come forward, which creates the illusion of narrowness to the face.

Choose any style that diminishes square features. For square shapes, try to blend the edges. You can wear your hair short or long. Avoid sharp-blunt cuts, one length cuts, heavy fringes and bob-style haircuts.

If you prefer short hair, go for a layered cut. Insist on layers, not single-length styles or center part styles. Hair should be layered around the face. Elongate the face by adding height at the crown. You can achieve this by lifting the hair up in a high pony tail or updo hairstyle.

If you have a longer hairstyle consider curls. Hairstyles should fall past the shoulders and have soft layers or fringe to fall around the temples.

You'll have better results for a Rachel Bilson haircut simply by taking a picture of her (and her hair) to your hairdresser.

Rachel pulls her hair back out of her face in most of the pictures I've seen of her, but the layers are exactly what you need. Think about adding some layers around your face to help detract from the squareness of your face shape. More tips for your face shape and haircut.

You can have a Rachel Bilson haircut but also consider other celebrity hairstyles. Sandra Bullock has a square face shape, so you might want to look at her hairstyles too! Other celebs with a square face are Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

You can also check out more celebrity-hairstyles and look through celebrity hairstyle pictures to find more great cuts and styles.

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