Dark Purple Hair to a Honey Brown Color?

Q) - Right now I have like pure red dark almost purple hair in the sun and this weekend I'm dyeing it a light honey brown color with a tiny bit of red in it.

Do you think it will turn out because I'm scared its not going to. I am going to a pro salon and they are doing full blonde foils and then toner over it I'm pretty sure they're using bleach but any advice because I would eventually like to go blonde. thanks:D

Professional Hair Care Tips - Your hair is way too dark to get any real change. Most box colors only come with a 20 Volume developer. The only way to lift hair as dark as your hair, is to use a 40 volume developer mixed with a high level hair color or bleach.

Purple hair is one of the hardest hair colors to deal with because it has two bases: red and blue. This makes purple a tertiary color and its hard to counteract or remove.

When you lift purple hair, most of the time you will get pink. Beware! (Unless you want pink hair!) In my opinion, its best left to the hairdresser to add color to your hair. That way if it gets messed up in the lifting process, she'll have to fix it. Usually salon's offer this for free since they've committed to help you. I would ask before I had them color it though!

If you want to color your own hair, I'd stay away from purple, iridescent, or any colors that have two bases, like RV (red violet) or RO (red orange). They are by far the hardest to remove from your hair. They do make color removers, but with hair as dark as your hair is, it will stress your hair awfully badly and you may end up with damaged hair too!

If you choose to remove the color, there are some things you should know. These types of products are a very harsh chemical but are OK to use now and again, if your hair is relatively healthy. If its not, you could damage it past the point of being fixable. Once hair is damaged beyond repair, (which doesn't take much), the only way to improve your hair is to cut it off and start over. Believe me, been there, done that!

I could tell you what to do, but unless you have someone helping you to monitor the color, you'd be better off going to a salon. One thing you can do right away is to remove some of the color yourself by using stronger shampoos. You can try clarifying shampoos, which will help remove some of the color in your hair. After you use harsh products a few times, you will need to deep condition your hair with a decent moisturizing conditioner.

The best way to get rid of your color (and go blonde) is to color it incrementally, a little at a time.

It might help to buy my home hair color guide if you want more color advice. You'll learn a lot from the manual about colors and how they interact with each other. Everyone should know some of the basics if they're going to color their own hair! You can't just keep adding color to your hair and not expect a mess.

If you don't want to use a color remover but do eventually want to go blonde, it will take bleach and a double (or triple) process color to lift your hair past the pink stage. It is doable by yourself, but you've got to be patient and really careful along the way. You may have to live with pinkish hair for a few weeks! If you lift it up too much at once, you could really damage your hair.

Home Hair Color Guide.

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