Coping with Psychological Depression During the Holidays

It's easy to slip into psychological depression during the holidays. Watching others make merry can be overwhelming if you are feeling down and blue. For most people, the holidays are a joyous time with family and friends. However, if you don’t have any close family members, or you have lost loved ones... past or present... it’s hard to feel happy. Something eats away at you when others are upbeat and gay. The emptiness you may feel inside can be overwhelming.

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Suicide rates JUMP during the holidays - when things that used to bring joy, no longer do. Many people become so disparaged, that they simply can’t see a clear way out. Their answer becomes the ultimate answer; death.

So if family gatherings, holiday parties, and the hustle and bustle of shopping has got you down in the dumps, realize that you’re hardly alone. Few people don't have at least some sad thoughts this time of year!

However people with a history of depression need to be especially vigilant when coping with holiday stress. While it might take a bit of effort on your part, you can reduce your stress and maybe even find a little holiday joy, too. Below are some tips to help you resolve at least some of your psychological depression this season.

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Coping with Psychological Depression During the Holidays

  • If you tend to become depressed, lonely or just plain frustrated during the holidays, you'll need to change your focus. If you've got a few things you've been putting off, now might be a good time to tackle them. When you're working through your 'to do list', you're bound to come out ahead at some point.

  • The world around you is singing and humming cheerful holiday tunes but inwardly, you may be cringing. If 'Deck the Halls' or 'Joy to the World' are driving you MAD, just turn it off! As I tell folks on youtube who can't appreciate my southern accent, the easiest way to get rid of petty annoyances is to hit the stop button.

  • If you’ve lost someone you love, the holidays can remind you of your time together and the time you long for again. Its hard not to be lonely for loved ones that are no longer with you. Believe me, I know this from personal experience. It’s only human to miss the people or pets in your life that meant so much to you! If you want to turn your frown upside down, try and be thankful for the time you did share. Remember to eulogize their life, not grieve their passing.

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    A good example of this is the death of Nelson Mandela. Instead of people mourning his passing, the people of South Africa were dancing in the streets. They realize that his life was much more important than his death... and it should be the same with the passing of your loved ones. As long as just one person remembers someone, their memories will always live on!

  • When you're not feeling up to par, getting absorbed in someone elses' life may be just what the doctor ordered! Put away your tears and dive into a good mystery or science fiction tale. With e-readers like Kindle around, they're also much more accessible than they've ever been! Indulge in old classics or thrillers that you favor! Tuning out the outside world is a great way to stop psychological depression in it's tracks!

  • The holidays are a hurried and busy time for most everyone but psychological depression can be a symptom of high amounts of PURE stress. Sometimes even best friends will let you down or forget to give you well wishes. It's not intentional though and you should always remember that people always hurt those they love the most. It may not seem like much of a consolation but honestly, it's just the way life is sometimes.

  • Don’t run yourself ragged just to live up to the expectations of others. If you can't make Christmas dinner this year with the family, don't go. Christmas won’t end if you don’t do all the things that others want you to do. Remember that there's always next year!

  • Libations are a common strategy for coping with anxieties that surround the holidays. Remember that few things get solved when you're drunk! You may feel on top of the world while you’re inebriated but afterward, you can end up feeling worse than you did before you got smashed. Skipping alcohol altogether or sipping your holiday cheer is a better way to deal with psychological depression at this time of year. Downing alcoholic drinks to drown out your problems only gives you a banging hangover!

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  • Extreme emotions are abundant during the holidays. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, consider taking some time to help people in need. Try volunteering at a homeless shelter, visiting folks in a nursing home, or helping a friend or family member.

  • Financial stress can be bad anytime of the year, but during the holidays, it's the worst. Worrying about how you’ll pay for presents can be totally unnerving. Anxiety escalates the more you worry but here's the thing. People forget that the holidays are NOT about giving presents and outdoing the Jones'. It's about people and feelings and togetherness. Give what you can give, not what you don’t have. Budgeting and sticking to it is a great way to stave off psychological depression after the holidays.

  • Many people strive for perfection during the holiday season especially. You want things to be ‘just right’ and your plans to go off unhitched. The holidays are no time to set the bar higher though. It's simply not productive nor healthy! The holidays are a season of kindness and forgiveness. Save some for yourself.

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  • If your regular holiday routine fills you with holiday dread rather than holiday joy, it might be time to change things and try something different. Have Thanksgiving at a restaurant. Spend Christmas day at the movie theater. Get your family to agree to skip gifts and instead donate the money to a worthy cause. Doing something you do enjoy is the best way to stop beating the old horse!

  • It may be good for you to remember that nothing bad lasts forever. There's something good waiting around every corner of your life! You may feel down in the dumps today but never give up! Sheer will alone can get a person through the toughest of times!

    Psychological depression can strike at any time of the year. However, if life was always good, you'd never know it cause you wouldn't have anything to compare it to! Life is too short to wake up with regrets everyday. So love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who don't. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, GRAB it. If it changes your life, rejoice!

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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