Protein Treatment for Hair Damage

A protein treatment for hair is essential if your hair is damaged or you have split ends.

Protein helps to rebuild hair strands by pumping up the hair shaft, which adds strength and resiliency to your hair.

Since your hair is made from ALL ceratin, it is vital! Without it, your hair can break off and become weak and decrepit.

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On the other hand, too much protein can damage your hair beyond repair. There is a fine line between doing enough and doing too much. Your hair also needs lots of juicy moisturizing too. The combination of the two keep your hair healthy and pliable. Scaldingly-hot appliances are far overused, which dries out your hair and obliterates the elemental structure of your hair.

Protein Treatment for Hair Damage

Hair growth starts in the hair follicle, where each strand is supplied both keratin and oil. Keratin is the principal framework of your hair and moisture is added by the oils located in sebaceous glands, found beside the base of each follicle. As hair grows out, it loses moisture and strength. The longer your hair, the more damage that can occur and the more moisture and protein your hair is likely to need.

Weather can also play an important role in what your hair needs. Dry winter heat and hot summer sun can rob hair of its moisture. In addition, strong winds can also parch your hair and stress the ends. Moisture is a constant concern due to changing weather conditions. Your hair needs both of these basic essentials to keep your hair soft and long.

In fact, your hair and nails need more moisture than your skin. Why? Because they are both extensions of your skin. Your skin has sebaceous glands in it, so it has a constant supply available. Since your hair and nails are both extensions of your skin, they lack direct sources of moisture your skin already gets.

If you use lots of hair products, it really helps to remove them occasionally. This can be done quickly and easily by using acidic rinses. Find out more about these here: Clarifying Hair Remedy Recipes

Protein-infused treatments rebuild the basic strength of your hair that is lost over time. Of course, damage can occur from a variety of sources. Many women have a tendency to overuse heat, chemicals, and/or hair products. After years of abuse, these products can lead to damage.

Many women who overuse protein often complain that they have more hair breakage after they used them. This occurs when women panic to get their hair back in shape too quickly. Too much of a protein treatment for hair can deprive your hair of the necessary lubrication it needs to stay pliable.

Your hair will need keratin throughout the life of your hair so occasionally treating it with protein only makes sense. This becomes especially true if your hair has been overly stressed or you have breakage.

Too many protein treatments can make your hair feel hard like a rock, (kid you not), which is a direct result from using too much of a protein treatment for hair. I've read many cases where women overused these treatments and were ticked off cause their hair got hard. They naturally assumed the treatment didn't work! However, the only thing wrong was that they didn't compliment the treatment with an essential moisture-based conditioner!

Treating your hair with protein once or twice a month is the most effective way to use the products. In more severe cases, you may need more applications but please use them with caution. Henna N Placenta has been touted as a miracle product and is made from clear Henna and pure placenta. Hair placenta is also cheap to buy and can be found locally at most Beauty Supply Stores or online.

For the best results possible, use ALL treatments with a heat cap. Thermal caps open the cuticle of your hair so treatments are able to permeate deeper into the underlying structure of hair. If you have frazzled ends, you need to eliminate them too. Cutting them off is the best way to keep them from fraying more.

Do You Need a Protein Treatment for Hair Damage?

If you've been stressing your hair, chances are you do need a protein treatment for hair. In all cases, follow manufacturer directions for application and don't be tempted to keep slapping them on your hair. If your hair's that bad off, it may be a good time to simply start over.

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