How to Protect Your Skin Year Round - Take the Quiz!

How you protect your skin during harsh weather conditions is just as important as the products you choose. The elements around you are the enemy and you must guard your skin against them.

During winter months, there are no water droplets in the air to reach parched skin. On the other hand, searing sun can evaporate the available moisture too. Both extremes can lead to a multitude of problems for your skin!

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Everyday your skin needs attention - from head to toe and in between. You may think that wearing lots of clothes helps shelter your skin in the cold. However, that's just not true. Everyone knows that exposed skin is susceptible to the elements but skin that's under layers of clothes, gets abuse from the friction your clothes create. Both situations can make make your skin feel scaly and reptile-like.

The key is to prevent your skin from getting overly dry, no matter what the weather is like outside. This becomes especially important as you age too. Your skin becomes less 'thick' so there's more risk involved. Sometimes getting older means taking more precautions.

Directions: Read over the statements and decide if they're true or false. (Don't worry, the answers are below the statements.) What you know can ensure that you know how to protect your skin, no matter what the jet stream is dishing out!

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How to Protect Your Skin - Test Your Knowledge

  • You need to change your face moisturizer during the winter time.

    This is false. You don't have to buy a different moisturizer in the winter unless you live in an extreme climate like the Arctic Tundra. Your daily moisturizer should hold up during any season.

    During the winter, you may need to layer-it-up, just like you layer your clothes. Conversely, during the summer, you may need to reapply daily moisturizers several times a day if you’re sweating a lot. To protect your skin from the hot summer rays, you’ll also need to prevent the sun from burning your skin.

  • Soaking into a hot bath is a big no no during the winter.

    This is true. When you take a bath your pores open up and the moisture in your skin evaporates. If you love bathing regularly, keep them short and use an oil right in the water. The same rules apply for hot showers but apply oils after you get out. Your goal is to leave a coating on your skin, which helps to trap the oils found naturally in your skin.

    Pat your skin gently with a thick-piled towel (don't let it get all the way dry) and immediately apply lotion or oil. This helps lock in the moisture that helps protect your skin.

    During the summer months, most people don’t take as many hot baths or showers. This really cuts down on the amount of moisture leaving your skin. Either way, you still don't want to rub your skin vigorously, especially after swimming. Chlorine in swimming pools and salt in the ocean can dehydrate your skin. One way to prevent overly dry skin is to rinse-off after you get out of swimming and reapply lotion.

  • Drinking lots of water will help quench dry skin.

    This is false to a certain extent. Drinking water helps but your skin needs ample hydration from the outside as well. To ensure that your skin stays hydrated, consume a wide variety of nutrient-rich foods, which helps your skin retain its natural oils.

  • Heavy lotions are more effective during cold weather.

    This is false. Lotions don’t have to be heavy to be effective. When you need to protect your skin, use a combination of lotions and oils together. You can even add oils into the lotions you already have to double up the protection factor!

    You can also use a combination of lighter lotions and heavier creams. Lighter lotions rely on humectants, which pull moisture into the skin. Because thicker lotions and creams are occlusive, they'll help prevent moisture from evaporating from your skin. Vaseline is a good example of an occlusive emollient. But you know your skin best so it's really up to you to judge which type of moisture your skin needs!

  • You get dandruff more in winter than other seasons.

    This is false. It may seem like you have more flaking during the winter but the fact is that white flecks show up more on darker clothes - and most people wear darker clothes during winter months. Surprisingly, dandruff isn't caused by dryness, but a fungus called Malassezia globosa.

    Also in winter the low humidity dislodges flakes from your scalp more easily. Stop dandruff in it's tracks by using shampoos and conditioners with pyrithione zinc. If flakes don't vanish in a month, see your dermatologist as the condition can also signal psoriasis.

  • Lip balm addictions can give you chapped lips.

    This is false. If going without your lip balm for a day sounds as challenging as skipping your morning coffee, you may be subconsciously licking it off or pressing your lips together more often, which leaves behind your saliva. That's bad news for your lips because saliva is acidic (to help break down food for digestion) and is dehydrating to the thin skin on the lips. Make an effort not to lick, and choose salves with superstar softeners such as jojoba oil or shea butter.

    Another way to protect your skin is by limiting exposure during the coldest or hottest parts of the day. This includes mid-day for the summer and early in the morning for the winter.

    Here's another great idea. Keep your extra virgin coconut oil in the bathroom by the sink and do this:

    Before bed every night, apply a dime-sized amount of hard coconut oil to your palms and rub it around in your hands to melt it. Slather the oil on your face and hands and use any leftover amounts on other parts of your body, like your arms or legs. Do this daily and your skin will drink up the fats found in the oil. It's one of the most soothing treatments you can use on your skin, no matter if it's dry or oily!

    Whatever your skin type, choose your products carefully. The health of your skin sets the stage for everything else that goes on it. So many people neglect proper skin care. Its no wonder there are so many different types of skin problems today. Doing what you can do everyday is well worth the effort. Protect your skin and it will serve you well for a long time to come!

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