Preventing Disease to Maintain Health and Avoid Debt

Preventing disease is almost to the point of being imperative in this day and age. Why? Because no one's got any money!

Staying healthy is the only way to ensure that you'll have enough money to pay your bills and put food on the table too.

If you get sick, the extraordinarily high costs of being admitted to a hospital may cripple you financially. Avoiding disease and conditions that plague you before they happen is a super smart way to balance the equation.

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They used to say that an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure. However, in lieu of the growing progression of illnesses and debility today, this old saying no longer applies.

There is a profound difference between Eastern and Western cultures when it comes to health care. In Asian countries where Traditional Chinese Medicine is practiced, doctors are paid a nominal fee to keep their patients well. If a patient get sick, they don't pay their doctor!

In Western cultures, just the opposite is true. We are taught to only see our physicians after we are sick. Is it not then too late for preventing disease and sickness?

Preventative measures taken before the onset of sickness can make the difference between a life or death situation, or between life and a long drawn out painful death. Deterring sickness has always been the standard of TCM and other Oriental medical systems.

An often quoted passage from the Internal Medicine Classic states:

"Wise physicians don’t wait until after diseases arise to treat them, but instead they treat them before they arise. They don’t wait for the conditions to run out of control but instead they treat them before they run out of control.

Administering medicine to diseases that are already established and treating conditions that are already out of control is like starting to dig a well after you are already dying of thirst, or raising an army after you’ve already been invaded by the enemy. Would such measures not be too late?"

Preventing Disease to Maintain Health and Avoid Debt

The healthier you are, the fewer medicines you will need. The less medications you need, the easier preventing disease becomes and the more money you will have in your pocket! In Eastern cultures, physicians regard disease as a failure of preventative health care, and not as an opportunity to test out new drugs on patients.

Western patients are as much to blame for their predicament as their physicians. They don’t want to bear the responsibility of learning about health. They also seem unwilling to exercise the education that's required to protect their own health. Instead, they depend on their doctors to 'fix' their bodies whenever something goes awry. Isn't there something that just doesn't ring true with this image?

Most Americans are taught to run to their doctors for the newest next prescription drug on the market. Sadly too, children are all learning (from commercials in the mass media) that if something goes wrong with their body, it doesn't really matter cause there's always a drug that will make them better! You and I both know that this is not necessarily true!

Prescription drugs may or may not be an alternative for you... but if you could have prevented needing them, wouldn't you have? We pour so much money into pharmaceutical drugs in this United States of America. How can anyone ever expect to live comfortably if they are spending all their hard earned money on prescription drugs? Truly, preventative health care makes good, sound common sense, which seems to be a lost art.

A noted TCM expert cited this problem over 600 years ago. He wrote:

"I suggest that physicians carefully question their patients regarding the onset of development of their diseases, rather than using their patients’ diseases to test new drugs.

I also suggest that ailing patients try to understand the causes of their own diseases before going to see physicians, rather than blindly risking their lives to test a physicians skills, and physicians are to blame for testing new drugs on patients."

This is a pretty profound statement coming from a man who lived over 600 years ago. He knew something about preventing disease that we should all learn today.

We should not rely on our doctors to fix us. If they do not believe in treating and preventing disease before it forms, then we must take on the responsibility to try to keep ourselves as healthy as possible, for as long as possible.

Read up on all you can read about health. Live your life with fulfillment and culpability. Learn to take action before action is needed! Learn all you can to keep yourself healthy! It’s one of the best ways of preventing disease in this crazy world that we live in!

Don't pump all your money into drugs! If you can remain healthy, you can actually put some money aside for your retirement. If we all lose our Social Security benefits, you're surely going to need it. Its a different world that we live in today. Can't you see the writing on the wall? Won't you wake up and smell the horrible situation that we're in? What will it take for you to step up to the plate and take your life into your own hands?

This does not assume, imply, nor suggest that Western Medical Practices don't have their place. They most certainly do! However, wouldn't you benefit from having a cumulative view of your health and blend and combine the best of both worlds in considering your medical conditions?

If you were in the hospital dying from something catastrophic, yes you would need and want medical intervention from the best surgeons. But for most illnesses (like colds or flu), isn't it better to try and stop them before they happened or treat them yourself if they're not life threatening?

In case you haven't heard, the days of popping an antibiotic to 'get better' are just about over. A few days ago, the CDC announced that many are not working against new strains of bacteria. In fact, according to the CDC:

"Each year in the United States, at least 2 million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics and at least 23,000 people die each year as a direct result of these infections. Many more people die from other conditions that were complicated by an antibiotic-resistant infection."

Instead of helping us, antibiotics only created monster infections that are impervious to antibiotic treatment. You can read more about the CDC report here.

You might consider that Western Medicine does not have all the answers and that you can certainly learn some important information from other cultures! Many cultures use potent herbs, roots, and natural modalities to cure disease. Find one you can relate to and learn all you can about using them. You don't have to suffer needlessly if you go beyond what you've been taught and break out of the box!

An Ancient Chinese Medical Proverb probably explained it best:

"It is easy to prescribe drugs but difficult to diagnose disease".

Preventing disease can become a lot easier when you can overcome common conditions without having to pay prescription prices! Not only will you have extra cash, you'll feel better and stay healthy. If you haven't been exercising like you should, can't you find 10 minutes a day to take a walk? If you're consuming too many prepared foods, can't you at least cut back? There are always many ways to solve problems! Finding 'alternative solutions' for your ailments might not be such a bad thing after all!

Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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