Prevent Premature Aging by Ditching Mental Pressure

The causes of premature aging differ from one person to another. Aging happens because we have too much tension, not enough rest, and because we don’t take good enough care of ourselves. Anti aging depends on how you take away the cares of the day.

Women are known to be great multi-taskers and can handle a variety of different projects at the same time! However, when too many pressures present themselves at the same time, it's hard to remember to inhale first, then exhale.

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Your ability to adapt to changes and to be resilient during extreme circumstances is totally up to you.

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Each day is precious, then you throw in a traumatic event and things go haywire fast! Changes often happen suddenly so be in tune with your environment and try to handle each new challenge as it arises. Recently I had a medical emergency with my son and it scared me really badly. It reminded me that things can change on a dime! Don’t live in anticipation though. That will only drive you nutty!

The Cause of Premature Aging

Stress is the #1 cause of premature aging. Other causes include heredity, genes, environment, and lifestyle choices. Some people shut down during stressful times while others’ tend to thrive on it. Stress affects everyone differently but the effects of stress are universal.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to sudden demands. There are genetic variables that influence how our bodies react and respond to mental pressure, and psychological factors such as positive mental health, anxiety, or depression. Other factors for premature aging include long term stress vs. short term stress. The longer you're under immense pressure, the worse aging is going to be for you.

High amounts of anxiety also leave you more susceptible to disease and illness, which could be a real problem for your long term health! Maintaining lower levels of anxiety is critical to staving off premature aging!

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How to Prevent Premature Aging

  • When you hold in negative emotions, you set yourself up for premature aging and you lower your immunity. When you feel overwhelmed, you may not be able to get out your emotions because of environmental circumstances. (You’re at work and want to yell at your boss but refrain because you don’t want to get fired!) There is a time and place for everything!

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    When you leave work however, you can say whatever you want to say! Go outside and YELL out your frustrations! Not only will it help clear your mind and body of emotional residue, it will help release the tensions that accumulate from holding it all in.

  • Diffuse your emotions by practicing meditation. There are so many ways to meditate but you only need to pick one and go for it!

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    Even 10 minutes of meditation has positive, reinforcing, long-term benefits.

  • Take a power nap if you can. According to research, sleep helps repair traumatized cells while it rejuvenates a tired and weary mind.

    According to the studies, a one-hour nap has many more restorative effects than a 30-minute nap. When you sleep more than 15 minutes, (as babies and toddlers do), you have a much greater improvement in cognitive functioning and memory.

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    However, you'll need to know the length of your sleep cycles and try to wake up at the end of one.

  • Daily doses of essential fats can help you control a frazzled brain. There are a lot of new products on the market that will help ensure you get the amounts you need!

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    However, almonds alone will do the trick! Scientific studies have shown that eating a handful of almonds everyday can help slow down premature aging by supplying more of the good fats!

  • Soothe sore shoulder muscles with hot water! Showers, tubs, and even hot compresses are a must have for STIFF muscles. Even a cup of hot tea, milk, or coffee works!

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    You can also massage tensed shoulders by using your own hands or find someone else to rub them for you. Nudge your partner (if you have one) to help you rub out muscle soreness. It'll look great on you!

  • Activate your limbic system by smelling pleasant fragrances you like. Everyone's sense of smell is different so choose the fragrances that help calm you down. When the limbic system is satiated, endorphins and serotonin stabilize moods and reduce worry.

    The essential oils that assist 'chilling' are chamomile, lavender, lemon, sage, and sandalwood. Diffusers last a long time and help improve your state of mind. Find one you like and immerse yourself in scents-ual pleasures to keep premature aging at bay!

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    Best advice? Ditch the trauma! If you need to disassociate with friends who only add more to it, then do it! It's no wonder that excessive mental pressure causes premature aging but you can do your part to reduce the negative effects it has in your life.

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