Use Portion Control to Shed Pounds!

Portion control is certainly a major part of weight loss.

As much as you don't like hearing it, you really have to 'watch what you eat' or you will 'wear what you eat'. You really ARE what you eat, ya know?

When it comes to weight loss, portions do matter! Controlling portion sizes and amounts isn't as bad as it sounds!

grilled salmon image This is actually grilled salmon! Doesn't it look just yummy? Fish is low in fat, high in proteins, enzymes, and natural oils,
and delicious to the palate. What more could you want?

Even with a side of corn bread with a pat of butter, small basic salad, (AND possibly even corn on the cob), it's still a low fat meal that is OK to have, if you just keep to the portions!

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Measuring food is one way to make sure you get the 'right amount'. When you measure your food, you begin to visualize what standard portions look like in each food group. Its not rocket science though! Once you get the hang of it, its not necessary to weigh everything out each time you eat unless you just like measuring things.

When you include portion control in your weight loss plan, use 'mind control' too. One simple idea is to serve your meals on smaller plates or in smaller bowls. It will look like so much more food altogether.

On the other hand, if you use large plates, it won't look like you have much food on your plate at all. If you eat meals on bigger plates, psychologically you could walk away from the dinner table still feeling hungry.

To make dinner time more appealing and relaxed, treat yourself to some nicer china ware or just use COLORFUL plates. Make meal time a a little more glamorous! (You can always find great deals on the internet!) Use cultural themes, candles, place mats, fun napkins, table runners, and most anything to dress up your table. Spruce it up! Visual stimulation's make your meals and your food look more inviting!)

Serve brightly colored foods that are more appealing and also stimulate the palate. Serve your meals like professional chefs do! Why not? Ad sprigs of parsley, drizzles of sauces, or fresh herbs and vegetables where and when you can. You can grow many herbs easily and cheaply in your kitchen window so you always have fresh herbs on hand. Dress your food up and you will become more satisfied with the food you eat!

Another great idea is to use different colored plates than the meals you're serving. If you're having spaghetti for example, serve it on a white plate instead of an orange or red plate. Reason? Contrasting colors make the amounts look even larger. On the other hand, complimentary colors make them look smaller. You'll be more apt to get second-helpings using plates that are similar in color to the foods you're eating.

Standard Portions

Meat/protein portions - Proteins or meats should be around 4 - 6 ounces per meal. This is about the size of your palm. Meat should be lean cuts. If fat is present, remember a little fat is not bad for you but please try and limit the amount you eat. Realistically you should be cutting it off and feeding it to your animals or throwing it away.

The skin on chicken is not good for you either. Have you ever really looked at raw chicken skin? It's not very appealing nor healthy for your body! Chicken with the bones should be cooked with the skin on to preserve the juices but then remove at least most of it. Take the skin off after you cook the chicken and it will be much more juicy and tender.

It's also a good idea to cook using olive oil, which helps to supply omega 3 fatty acids. These are a great anti-inflammatory, which is so important to stay healthy. Not getting enough omega 3 oils limits your immunity to disease.

Carbohydrates - Limit any carbohydrate to around 1/2 cup per serving. Carbs are NOT a 'no no' either. There are however, good and bad carbs.

Carbohydrates are not just breads, cereals and pastas. In fact, a carbohydrate is anything your body converts to glucose, or blood sugar, for energy. You need the energy from carbs to keep your brain, heart, organs and nervous system function normally. Vegetables, fruit, legumes and sugar are all carbohydrates. Even dairy products contain some carbohydrates. Most foods that aren't a fat or a protein are a carbohydrate. The trick is knowing which carbs to choose.

  • Good carbs like beans and whole grain breads convert to glucose slowly and keep you full longer.

  • Bad carbs like white breads and cookies convert to glucose quickly and make you feel hungry much faster.

    Find out the advantages of using a low carb diet for weight loss!

    To get an accurate picture of what a serving size is, it helps to measure or weigh your food. This is the best way to give you a better perspective on your portion size. When you see what an accurate serving actually is, you can better gauge how much you should eat. While the exact amount of servings can vary depending on your age, gender, or activity level, the following table gives you a baseline for the minimum serving number recommendations for adults.

    Fruits and Vegetables - You can have all the fruits and vegetables you like! Opt for fresh fruits during the summer months when they're readily available. Canned fruits are fine if you buy the kinds that are packed in their own juice or water. Frozen vegetables are more nutritious for you than canned vegetables buts it fine to use them too if they're in your cabinet.

    There is no portion control when it comes to nutritious low fat foods. However in some diets like the South Beach Diet, fruits have to be eliminated the first few weeks of the program. The South Beach Diet considers any fruit to be a carbohydrate. (Beer is also a carb so if you choose this diet, be ready to give up beer!)

    Beverages - You really must be careful to choose your beverages carefully when you're trying to lose weight. Cola's and fruit drinks are full of sugar and should be avoided. If you can't give them up completely, use portion control to cut down on the amount you consume. Ultimately, drinking water is the best way to get rid of fat. Water helps flush fat cells from your body, which helps you slim down. The amount of water you consume could very well determine how much weight you'll ultimately lose.

    If you get sugar hankerings, learn how to curb your sweet tooth!

    Also, never overload on beverages while you're eating meals. Drink a glass of water prior to meals to fill up before you ever take a bite. Drinking too much during meals can make you feel full before you really are, which could lead to snacking later. It could also give you indigestion and heartburn.

    Just remember that nothing in excess is good for you and you will be fine! You don’t have to give up snacking at all. In fact, it's better to have healthy snack breaks all throughout the day, to help encourage your metabolism to do it's thing. You don't have to deprive yourself!

    Think about the foods you eat and why you eat them. Use good common sense mixed with a bit of portion control and save your life! Be sure to use this link to find out more about portion sizes if you're unsure.

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