Pretty in Pink Makeup

Most women look pretty in pink makeup, wouldn’t you agree? It can be a soft, subdued shade, or it can be a bold and flirty color. Pink and lusciousness just go hand in hand! It’s also a very delicate, feminine color that women are just drawn to...

Maybe its because our mothers dressed us in pink at an early age? Maybe it’s from Barbie and her pink house or Mary Kay in her pink Cadillac? It's just one of those colors that’s celebrated by women (and even some men) everywhere!

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When I think about pink, I automatically think about Legally Blonde movies with Reece Witherspoon! Were those great or what? And of course, Pretty in Pink with Molly Ringwald is a movie we all know and love! It was truly the inspiration for this page!

FACT: Every woman feels luxurious when she’s sporting pink cashmere, wearing pink polish, or striding in pink heels!

FACT: Every woman can benefit from wearing the many different shade options! It's such a great compliment for any day of the year!

Although there seems to be a color clash, pink even looks good with red! You just have to find the right shade that compliments and flatters the color of your complexion. There's bound to be a pink made just for you!

Of course, there are tons of different options of pink colors to choose from. The variety is AWEsome! Fuchsia, amaranth, magenta, rose, deep pink, shocking pink, neon, salmon, carnation, peachy, bubblegum, Cerise, Persian, ultra, and... You get the idea, right?

Can you find your personal best? I urge you to find the shades of pink makeup that make you feel the MOST super yummy-liscious!

Pink Makeup Ideas

soft pink shadow with dark pink lips image
Soft Pink Shadow with Dark Pink Lips

bold pink shadow with bold pink lips image
Bold Pink Shadow with Bold Pink Lips

bright pink shadow with bold red lips image
Bright Pink Shadow with Bold Red Lips

muted pink shadow with matte pink lips image
Muted Pink Shadow with Matte Pink Lips

frosted pink lips with shimmery green shadow>
<a href=
Frosted Pink Lips with Shimmery Green Shadow

dark pink shadow with black shadowy eyes image
Dark Pink Shadow with Black Shadowy Eyes

soft pink lips with bold purple shadow image
Soft Pink Lips with Bold Purply Shadow

raspberry pink lips with aqua blue liner image
Raspberry Pink Lips with Aqua Blue Liner

cherry trees pink blossoms shadow image

Doesn't Pink Just Make You Feel Good?

You'd be silly not to get in the pink! Pink makeup is XTRA GOOD! Don't scrimp! Pink makeup is a great way to cheer your face up anytime!

More Pink Ideas

pink lady cocktail image A pink lady is an alcoholic beverage made with gin and grenadine syrup and may include a few other ingredients.

A pink squirrel is made of white creme de cacao, creme de noyaux, and cream. Yum!

Pink is also a reminder of Breast Cancer awareness! Every woman should learn how to a self examination. Please visit the National Breast Cancer Association site to learn more about this deadly disease! It too my mother's life (along with Alzheimers) so I know a little about it...

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