8 Reasons Physical Activity Makes Your Life Richer and Happier

Are you looking for reasons to incorporate more physical activity into your life? Surely you already know that exercise leads to a healthier weight and a stronger heart, but perhaps you need a little additional motivation. As it turns out, there are many mental, emotional, and physical benefits that you can enjoy when you become more physically active. Are you interested in learning more?

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8 Reasons Physical Activity Makes Your Life Richer and Happier

1. Enjoy a Better Night of Sleep

Nearly everybody suffers from sleep difficulties from time to time. Sadly, for some people the issue is chronic. While it isn't a cure-all, physical activity may be more beneficial for many people than any sleeping pill. Individuals who engage in regular physical activity tend to fall asleep at a faster rate, and enjoy a more restful sleep than those who are sedentary. Here's some even better news! You can reap this benefit with just under 3 hours of exercise each week.

2. Physical Activity is a Great Way to Alleviate Stress

Have you had a bad day at work or school? Are you aggravated at a loved one? A simple walk or jog around the block can give you time to cool down and gain perspective. In addition to this, high levels of stress can negatively impact your brain. Engaging in physical exercise that raises your heart rate has been proven to reduce this effect, and the endorphins that are released provide a greater sense of well-being.

3. Committing to Getting Active on a Regular Basis is a Great Way to Earn Respect from Others

When people see that you take time out of your life for yourself, in order to benefit yourself, you will earn their respect. This respect has nothing to do with weight loss or a more muscular physique. This is about communicating to others that you are important to yourself, and that you should be important to them.

4. Getting Active is an Excellent Way to Improve Relationships

Is there somebody in your life that needs more of your time and attention? Try inviting them along on a weekly hike in a nearby park. You'll both enjoy the exercise, and your loved one will appreciate that you are spending time with him/her. Social aspects of physical exercise should never be discounted.

5. You Will Have More Energy

Do mundane, everyday tasks wear you out? Try getting just a little bit of exercise every day. The level of activity doesn't need to be very intense either. In fact, you are likely to notice an increase in your energy levels before you notice changes in your physical appearance.

6. Your Bones Will Thank You When You are 70

Do you envision spending your retirement years traveling, spending time with your grandchildren, or engaging in physically demanding hobbies? Don't let weak bones and joints ruin those plans. Engage in regular weight bearing exercise now, and your bones will be fit and strong when you are older.

7. You Will Feel Better About Yourself

This isn't about physical gains (or losses). This is about commitment! When you make a plan to become more physically active, and you stick to that plan, you will gain a well-deserved sense of pride. Enjoy that feeling!

8. You Will Save Money!

Not only will the exercise you engage in today save you money on medical bills in the future, you can replace negative and expensive habits with a little bit of physical activity. When you sit in your house, you tend to eat more expensive junk food snacks, perhaps imbibe in a bit more alcohol consumption, engage in more Internet-based consumer spending, and access more “pay-for-view” TV offerings. Research studies actually bear this out. Going to the gym, bike-riding, or joining a basketball, baseball, volleyball, or bowling league will get you away from those retail websites and that television.

About the author: Julie Ellis - regular blogger for PremiereEssay.net. Having a Master’s degree in Journalism and a love for traveling, Julie is financed by her freelance writing to investigate and explore new and exotic places around the world.

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