Party Makeup Tips for Festive Occasions

It's party makeup time! You'll want to maximize your festive look so you're ready to rock, day or night! You can easily dress up the most conservative outfit just by adding some shimmer, sparkle, or glitter.

Planned get togethers are a great time to pull out all the stops and be bold. You’ve been saving up for these moments a long time, so utilize those creative juices and get on your glitzy party face.

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Use simple ideas (that are quick and easy) to help enhance your style and sophistication. That way, you'll be ready to play in no time!

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Quick and Easy Party Makeup Tips

  • Start any look by thoroughly cleaning your face. Set the stage on your face by applying a few coats of water based moisturizer. If you want to give your skin a glow, you can mix it with a skin illuminator. Wait a few minutes and allow it absorb thoroughly. Then apply your primer. You'll need your makeup to stay in place!

  • Foundations are a must have for party girls! If you want your face to be more noticeable, choose a lighter than you normally wear. Why? Because lighter colored foundations allow lips and eyes to really pop and become the main focus. Also lighter shades of foundations can help draw your face out of a dim lit room.

  • Set your party makeup foundation by dusting or brushing loose translucent powder all over. Use a large makeup brush to thoroughly remove excesses.

  • Maximize your festive look by wearing dark, deep contrasting colors on your eyes and lips. Night time is the right time to get out liquid liners and colored mascara. Use your lash curler if you have time. Curly lashes are super flirty!

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  • Shimmering eyeshadows will make puppy dogs speak! Don't be afraid to add loads of glitz - like the celebrities do! Make it a night to remember!

  • For your lips, use bold hot colors like pink or red. Line your lips in the SAME color and then finish with lip shimmer or a plumper. Your Angelina Jolie full lips will enchant any tough crowd!

    To finish off your party makeup, apply glitter in various, indiscriminate places! You choose which ones!

  • Logically speaking, you should try and get a good night's rest the night before the party, especially if you think you'll be staying up really late! Dark circles can ruin the party! If you can't get a good nights sleep, be sure to use a good undereye concealer if you need one!

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  • For Christmas parties - Wear red lipsticks that shimmer or sparkle. Dress up your eyes by using dark brown, dark green, or black mascara’s and liners. Create rosy cheeks by using pink blushers, or use peach blusher for a Cinderella look. Add a small amount of shimmer on your face if you're feeling foxy!

  • Informal Parties - Use subtle plays of bold colors that you might use during the day. Wear colors that enhance your eyes but don’t make them pop out of your head. Use hints of cooler tones like mint green or ice blue. Don't add shimmer unless you just want to. Rosy shades of pinks and matte greens or browns look good on most everyone, so add a few shades to your makeup collection and keep those on hand. You never know when someone might ask you out! Blend in softer shades of party makeup to pull your look together.

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  • Office Parties - Before the party starts, freshen up your makeup by applying another coat of minerals or powder. A light dusting is enough to smooth any flaws you might have created during the day. Apply mascara and shadows to help add lift and life to your tired eyes. Use eye drops to clear your eyes so they're white. Line your eyes in white if you're feeling tired. They help make your eyes look brighter and more alert. Add color where you can and when you can. Be sure to add a fresh coat of lipstick or lip gloss to charm your office look.


    Party Makeup Tips for the Gala Girl!

  • Smokey eyes are great for evening parties. Wear smoky eyes for a knockout look in dark restaurants or nightclubs.

  • Rubbing ice on your complexion or splashing your face with really cold water for a few minutes before you apply makeup helps shrink your pores and makes for smoother makeup application. Of course, if you aren't going home, this won't be a practical tip for your party makeup!

  • Gold, copper, and silver liners add festive touches to your makeup instantly. Copper lipsticks looks good on just about everyone and totally compliments red or brown haired beauties.

  • Pearly brown shadow's and pink lip colors look classy and subdued at the same time. For a pulled together look, paint your fingernails using the same pearly brown or pink color.

  • Add a touch of sparkle to your cleavage and neck (especially if you're wearing a low cut shirt or dress) and add more sparkle on your brow bones if you'll be in a darker environment. Glitter draws attention to your skin and makes you dazzle!

  • Stick with the makeup colors you already know look good on you! Experimenting with new colors before a party might not be a good choice, especially if they don't look fabulous! You'll just have to start over again if you don't like what you see and that's no fun at all!

  • To keep makeup from wearing off, use a makeup primer or shadow primer before you apply any makeup!

  • When it comes to party makeup, always use waterproof mascara so it doesn't smudge. This is especially true if you think you'll be dancing a lot! Raccoons are cute, but not when you're out having a blast!

    Remember, it's your party and you don't want to ruin it! It's your time to sparkle and shine! Your personality and confidence will lead the way for makeup application. Wear party makeup only if you feel comfortable in it... but a better idea is to get outside your comfort zone and live it up a little, party girl!

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