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A parasite cleanse used to be a regular part of everyday life. In fact, every generation before antibiotics were born, made de-worming a priority.

Today's society poo poo's on this practice, although most people's pets do get worms quite frequently. The problem is that if our pets can get them, then surely humans are exposed to them too. If you travel to a third world country, you can certainly expect that you will come home with parasites if you eat their food or drink their water. Most third world countries have parasites! However, most physicians choose to ignore or down play parasitic infestation. For whatever reasons I’m not quite sure!

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As pictured above: - (1) The hookworm latches on the walls of the colon with its sharp teeth where it feeds on blood. (2) The tapeworm is the longest parasite. A mature adult can lay a million eggs a day. (3) Tapeworm eggs embedded in the colon. (4) The roundworm can grow to be 20 inches (50 cm) long and lay 200,000 eggs per day. (5) Pinworms migrate outside the colon during the night to lay their eggs around the anus. This causes nightly anal itching of many unsuspecting victims.

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Illness is the most common side effect of a parasitic infestation. Parasites live off everything you take in and love sharing your food. They can cause all sorts of symptoms and compromise immunity. People who have worms may suffer from sickness, disease, and other numerous health challenges.

Because parasites can cause a wide variety of health issues, it's vitally important to do a parasite cleanse from time to time. Below are just a few of the symptoms you might experience and a laundry list of remedies.

Common Symptoms of Parasite Infestation

  • Allergies: Many allergies are caused by parasites. They can cause 1) tissues to become inflamed and 2) reactions to foods when white blood cells increase, extreme skin rashes with blisters, food allergies, or other sensitivities.

  • Anemia: Parasites leach nutrients from the body which can cause anemia in some people. When they are present in large numbers, they can create enough blood loss to cause anemia. (iron deficiency)

  • Constipation: Parasites can obstruct any organ, but have an easier time with certain organs like the colon, liver, and the bile duct. When the intestines are obstructed, it can cause chronic constipation.

  • Diarrhea: Getting the runs is nature's way of expelling toxins from the body and telling you something's wrong.

  • Fatigue: Symptoms include tiredness, flu-like symptoms, apathy, depression, and lack of concentration.

    There are many products available to do a parasite cleanse at your local Health Food store. However, many are very costly.

    There are a couple remedies that work extremely well and don't cost a lot! I first learned about the benefits of a parasite cleanse from my Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork teacher. She recommended cleansing to our class and I've been doing them intermittently ever since.

    Natural Parasite Remedies

  • Olive leaf extract is an herbal remedy that's been used for thousands of years to eliminate worms and other ailments. Directions for dosage do vary because it depends on the amount of the nutrient Oleuropein contained in each capsule. Most brands however suggest taking one or two capsules twice a day. Olive leaf extract also has antiviral qualities and can be taken for colds or the flu.

    Because it's an herbal remedy, make sure it's been standardized. This simply means that it hasn't been put through an X-ray machine, which can destroy all the nutritional value of the contents.

    If you are presently taking any of the essential amino acids, (such as Histadine, Lysine, Cysteine, Glycine,) OLE has been known to interfere with their actions.

    Contraindications: Olive Leaf Extract is non-toxic but occasionally, (when you kill off pathogens too quickly), a reaction called 'Herxheimer’s reaction' may occur. This can be experienced by suffering from flu-like symptoms or allergic reactions such as coughing or sneezing. No need to worry. These symptoms will go away in a few short days on their own.

    Olive Leaf Extract may also counteract antibiotics or other prescribed medications. Please talk to your doctor first before taking it.

    PRECAUTIONS: Olive Leaf Extract is contraindicated for children under 18. Consult your doctor if you are lactating, have had or presently have diabetes or hypoglycemia or are presently taking Coumadin. (A blood thinner)

  • Food grade diatomaceous earth is a safe and effective parasite cleanse for both pets and humans. Simply taking one teaspoon daily can disrupt their presence in your body and help kill them off.

    *My cat recently got tape worms, a result from an infected flea. Gross! Dosage is to mix one teaspoon of FGDE with their food for two consecutive feedings. Follow up with 24 hours of fasting, then go back to regular food.

    At first, there were no more visible signs of the tape worms. However, after about a week I noticed that there were more LIVE worms showing their presence on his anus. I'm doing another dosage to try again but last night I ordered Clarkia, which has 100 percent positive results.

    You should also note, that FGDE can cause constipation. For that reason, it's good to give your pets a SMALL amount of mineral oil in their food during and after a parasite cleanse. More than that can deplete vitamins and minerals.

  • A good preventive method is mixing one or two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in one glass of water and drinking the mixture several times daily. You can take one tablespoon daily of 1 part apple cider vinegar, 2 parts apple juice, and 1 part apple brandy if you don't mind alcohol.

  • Perhaps the most effective remedy for all worms is a tincture made from black walnut hull, wormwood, and clove, along with purified water and 30 percent grain alcohol. The parasite cleanse is better known as 'Clarkia' and named after Dr. Hulda Clark. It's available from a variety of online resources such as Amazon and Shopzilla. The effects of these three herbs help you overcome symptoms must faster.

    This combination is safe for humans as well as pets, (NOT HORSES), plus there are no ill side effects; nor does it interact with other medications.

    Wormwood and black walnut hull kill all of the adults and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites (including but not limited to: liver flukes, pinworms, threadworms, hookworms, round worms, tapeworms)), and the cloves in the tincture help kill the all the stages of the eggs. If you want a long lasting parasite cleanse, these herbs must be used in unison.

    Why does it work? If you only kill the adults, the eggs and other stages will soon grow into adults. If you only kill the adults, all of the eggs and other stages will soon grow into adults. That's why all three of the herbs must be taken as one medicine.

    Clarkia dosage for children and pets image

    Please view this page for in-depth Clarkia dosage information. It was a little unclear to me at first how long to take it, but from what I can understand, dosage for pets and humans is 14 days. Clarkia can also be successfully used to treat a multitude of other ailments such as yeast infections and the common cold.

  • If you have bloating, loose bowels, or excess gas, (which are symptoms of parasites), try a drop or two of grape seed extract oil each day until symptoms subside.

  • Pumpkin seeds and onions mixed with soy milk is another remedy for worms.

  • Herbal combinations for blood flukes are black walnut, milkweed, and pennyroyal. Herbal combinations for liver flukes are cloves, goldenrod, and goldenseal root.

  • Bitter melon is effective against pinworms.

  • Fasting on raw pineapples for three days helps with tapeworms.

    After a Parasite Cleanse

    After any parasite cleanse, you need to check your stools. This will help make sure you are aware if your intestines are infested. Most people notice something on or around day three of treatment. If you do see worms in the toilet, please do follow up with another treatment in a few months to ensure that you got them all!

    It is also recommended to follow up a parasite cleanse with some form of probiotic, such as consuming organic Greek yogurt or taking digestive enzymes or acidophilus. This will help you restore the friendly bacteria to your intestines and is essential so you don't get constipated!

    Many people report getting tons of energy after cleaning out their body! This is a beneficial side effect of de-worming. Remember, worms live off you and they love having a host!

    Finding the right parasite cleanse may take some time. Simply trying a few should do the trick. Three simple steps you can take right now is: to avoid the things that can cause parasites, stop going outside barefoot, and always wash your hands thoroughly after using public restrooms.

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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