Drink Ozonated Water to Balance Health and Increase Energy

Ozonated water is quite remarkable. I just started drinking it for its varied health benefits and am loving the results! One thing you notice pretty quickly is clarity of mind, ability to concentrate, and higher energy levels. But that’s just the icing on the cake!

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Ozone can be administered in numerous ways. It’s extraordinary in terms of its antibacterial and antiviral actions. Since there is no toxicity, ozone can be used for both prevention and treatment.

Ozone stimulates immunity, giving it whatever it requires to bounce back.

Ozone actually disinfects 10 times faster than chlorine making it the most powerful natural oxidant in the world.

What is Ozone

Ozone is simply an alternative form of oxygen, which is why maintaining the ozone layer surrounding the earth is extremely important! Oxygen that you breathe in the air is known as H2. It has two molecules of oxygen attached to hydrogen.

Ozone on the other hand, is known as O3. It has three molecules of oxygen bonded to hydrogen. Ozone also behaves quite differently than O2. It is far more oxidative and energetic than O2, which makes it so valuable for many applications, such as air and water purification and medical ozone therapies.

Ozone therapy has been used globally over the last 50 years with great efficacy and safety. In Western medicine (who prefers you rely on BIG PHARMA), using ozone has NOT been fully recognized. (big surprise!)

However, if you take a look at the list of doctors here presently using ozone in the United States alone, it is clear that ozone works and works well!

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Benefits of Ozonated Water

Ozonated water (a powerful part of using ozone therapy) is one of the most wonderful substances known to mankind. Ozonated water can produce two results:

  • Pure water free of bacteria, viruses, spores, parasites, and chemicals.

  • Ozonated water (when performed properly) can actually 'hold ozone’ for a short period of time. With the use of a high output ozone generator – bubbled long enough to contain significant levels of ozone bonded to water, the result is water that’s beyond pure.

    It can be used topically as a healing, antibacterial/antifungal agent, on burns, scrapes, and bruises. It has many medical advantages as well in dentistry, surgery and many other applications. (I am swishing my mouth with ozonated water before bed to eliminate food pockets and it's working!)

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    How to Make Ozonated Water

    The first thing you’ll need is an ozone generator. Since there are many on the market, you’ll have a wide range of ozonators to choose from. I highly suggest that you do your homework first to find one that suits you best! This is the model I'm using presently, which is middle of the road in price. As long as you use it properly, most ozone generators will last a long time!

    *Making ozonated water usually requires a longer period of time than is usually suggested online. It’s good advice to follow manufacturer’s directions. (I called the company I bought mine from.)

  • Set your machine up higher than your container of water. I put my generator on top of our toaster. You can also attach the generator to a wall in the kitchen to get it out of the way.

  • Start with cold water. I use reverse osmosis water that comes out cold from our refrigerator. Otherwise, you can add a few cubes of ice to a glass and use that.

    *Note: Ozonation of water is more successful if the water temperature is low.

  • Always, always use glass. Do not ozonate in plastic which transfers the impurities and toxins.

  • Attach one end of the hose to the machine. Then attach a stone diffuser to the other end of the hose. Do not set the stone any deeper than 4 inches in the water! This can cause the air compressor pressure and the water pressure to equalize which can damage internal tubes.

    *Note: White stone diffusers are generally used for water and air. Gray stone diffusers are used for oil but can also be used for air and water.

  • Review the recommendations for timing by the manufacturer to know which setting to choose or call the company.

  • Plug in your generator and turn it on. Choose the setting you want and wait. The generator will shake a little while it's "on" so make sure the unit is secure! I highly suggest that for an 8 ounce (1/2 quart) cup of cold water, that you ozonate for 20 minutes to get the most benefits.

    *Make sure the unit is higher than your glass of cold water!

    *Make sure the unit is placed in a well ventilated room. I advise that you and your pets are not in the room during processing but do keep a check on the ozonator periodically. (Inhaling some ozone will not hurt you but do use caution.)

    *Ozone makes the air smell “different” at first. It’s hard to describe what it smells like. Once you get used to it, the smell isn’t as bothersome.

  • Once your ozonated water is ready, drink it within 30 minutes to get the most health benefits. Ozone dissipates in water (it actually degrades back into oxygen) rapidly so I advise drinking it immediately, or certainly within a few minutes. This is the PUREST water that you'll ever drink!

    *Note: Keeping ozonated water for later is possible by placing it in the refrigerator, however over a period of 24 hours, the water will lose up to 50 percent of the ozone.

  • Turn the unit off and unplug it. This will help increase the life of your ozonator.

  • Wait at least 15 – 20 minutes before making more ozonated water.

    According to Jeffrey Taylor BSc:

    “Ozonate the water for a sufficient period of time. Ozonating for 5 minutes as most web sites suggest will do almost nothing. Ozonate each 1/2 quart of water for at least 20 minutes. Therefore if you are ozonating a quart of water you need to ozonate for 40 minutes. One gallon requires 2 hours. These times can be verified by testing the amount of ozone in the water. During this amount of time the water continues to absorb the ozone. Once these times have been reached ozonating for a longer period of time is not required- the water has already absorbed as much ozone as it possibly can.”

    *Note: Ozonated water should be consumed on an empty stomach and not after or before meals. Wait at least one hour before consuming foods.

    Many people notice a big surge in energy after drinking OW. (For me, the energy is building gradually. Everyone's different!) For that reason, it’s good advice to drink it in the morning and not before bedtime.

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    Health Advantages of Using Ozone Therapy

    The reason that ozone therapy works for so many diseases and conditions is because it affects the biochemistry of the body by getting to the root cause of the disease.


  • Increases oxygenation of the cells. Cancer and disease cannot spread or grow well in fully oxygenated tissues.

  • For anyone with weakened immunity, ozone modulates/boosts the immune system. For anyone with autoimmunity, it stops the immune system from attacking healthy cells.

  • Increases energy production (ATP) within the cells, giving you more energy.

  • Reduces oxidation levels in the body. The problem with oxidation is that over time, levels can get too high. Researchers have noted that all disease happens when there’s an increase in oxidation in the body beyond normal limits. When you lower oxidation levels, it helps your body to recover from any form of illness.

  • Lowers acidity in the body and turns it more alkaline. Cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment. No need to drink alkaline water. Just use ozonated water.

  • Kills bacteria and viruses and all other pathogens instantly. It also inhibits viruses from attaching to cells.

  • Kills cancer cells on contact.

  • When ozonated water is applied to the skin, the skin immediately softens and may help with wrinkles and even age spots. I am still in the testing phase but will let you know the results once I have them.

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    It is clear that antioxidants ALONE are NOT sufficient to ward off disease and illness. Human beings are being bombarded every second of every day by toxins in the environment.

    Antioxidants by themselves CANNOT lower oxidation levels. That’s because oxidation is handled by a different system of the body. It’s called the antioxidant enzyme system. The oxygen supplied by ozone helps activate the antioxidant enzyme system and increase activity, which lowers and balances oxidation levels and brings the body back to a state of health.

    One thing you should be aware of is that the FDA has issued strict warnings about consumers using ozone. Why is that? Especially when ozone guards the earth and keeps the earth and it's inhabitants alive? One can only ponder - but if you know anything about the FDA's history of recklessness, you already know the answer.

    Ozone Therapy at Home

    Dr. Mercola and Dr. Rowen Discuss Oxidative Therapies

    "According to Dr. Rowen, ozone therapy is also very beneficial for heart disease, immune diseases, injuries, and chronic degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis. As an example, Dr. Rowen has found that ozone is about 85 percent effective in knees and only slightly less effective in hips, when given as an injection."

    Knee Pain Relief

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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