Natural Organic Hair Products like Rosemary, Lavender, and Thyme – Oh My!

Many people are beginning to try organic hair products instead of using out dated synthetic hair products.

Being eco-friendly is a trendy way to participate in saving our planet for future generations and saving your hair from harsh damaging chemicals!

Being ecology friendly has moved beyond just being conscious about the way valuable resources are used though, and into the way people maintain their health and beauty.

Melissa Gilbert image Melissa Gilbert, spokeswoman for Wen Hair Products, knows the benefits of going natural! Her hair always looks so healthy and shiny.

This is evident by the consumption and popularity of organic skin and hair care products in the market today. But are organic products only about being ecology friendly?

Most of the hair products you’ve grown accustomed to purchasing contain many chemicals and synthetically derived ingredients. The fragrance, preservatives, foaming agents, (base surfactants), and many other ingredients result from chemically derived sources.

Unfortunately for the organic shopper, it’s not simply a case of looking for products with the chemicals taken out. Finding a suitable organic hair product replacement can be confusing.

Organic hair products can claim that they contain organic ingredients just because they use ‘natural ingredients’. Just because a products contains natural ingredients does not mean necessarily that the product is 100 percent organic. There might be one natural ingredient in the product, but that’s enough for them to label their product as ‘natural’. As long as there is ONE natural ingredient, the FDA will approve their labeling. This is true of any organic product you buy, including consumables.

The best way to determine is the product is truly an organic hair product is to simply read the label. When the label lists items you can't pronounce, you should see a red flag. Natural ingredients to look for are herbs, fruits extracts, and plant extracts.

Advantages of Using Natural Organic Hair Products

Back to Basics - Using natural hair products is like going back to basics, something that is very essential to do in today's times of environment depletion and economic challenges. We are responsible for the environment for many reasons, but the biggest reason is our children.

If we want resources left for family members that haven't yet been born, being as natural as possible is one of the best ways to ‘pay it forward’. Buying organic hair products is one of the best possible options we have available.

*The US Department of Agriculture states that a minimum of 70 percent of the ingredients used to manufacture the product should be of a certified organic origin before they can label their products as organic.

Ecology friendly - Organic products are friendly with the environment, which is the prime selling point of all organic products around the world. Taking care of the environment while taking care of your hair, is always advantageous. Organic hair products are biodegradable so they can be used without worrying about adding dangerous toxins in the environment.

Totally natural - They contain plant herbs or other natural ingredients which are called botanicals. They are completely non-synthetic products, which mean more people can use them without the fear of allergies. Organic products can be used most of the time without developing rashes or having your hair fall out.

Some people question the stability of these products because they are all natural. With no synthetic stabilizers, how does the shelf life of organic products compare to synthetics?

The truth is, 'about the same'. The best way to tell when a product is expired is by its texture and scent. Erin Anderson, (a celebrity hair stylist), usually tosses her gels and creams six months after opening, but ultimately she judges a product by how it looks. Creams will usually separate or curdle and a dark yellow color is another sign that a product has passed its prime.

Even if you're not keeping track of every product you've purchased and don't remember how it originally smelled and looked, you should still be able to tell. Mal odors are typically very different than what a product's fragrance might have smelled like when you first bought it. If the smell is offensive, such as a dirty or sour smell, it's a good indication of putrefication. Expired products aren't harmful to your hair though, so there's only a small chance of scalp irritation.

If you have developed allergies to various hair products, you need to know which ingredients could be the culprit. You can find out more about bad hair ingredients here:

9 Toxic Hair Products Ingredients You’ll Want to Avoid

Inexpensive to buy - You will find that most organic products, except some of the more exotic ones, are quite cheap to buy. In fact, most of these are just modifications of things that you could just as well make at home if you had the ingredients. If you had a good guidebook and the time, you could probably make them at home. Organic products generally add more value for your money.

Easy to find! - Your neighborhood superstore should have them or you can order them online. The benefit of ordering online is that you can usually buy in bulk and get more product for less. Also, you can get the whole range of products of a particular company that you like once you have tried them. They will deliver the product right to your doorstep.

Natural organic hair products help your hair look and feel much healthier over time. Choose products that smell good and work well. Even though they are not expensive to buy, it's still a good idea to shop around or read reviews before you buy. Going back to basics is always a great plan!

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