10 Oily Hair Remedies that Help Control the Excesses

Oily hair can be a big challenge if you're not properly educated about the condition! Most of the time, it's relatively easy to fix but also realize that it may not be from the products you're using! There may be other reasons you're getting the greasies.

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Oily hair is heavy and will not cooperate with any styling product you try. If you try to use gel or mousse to fluff your hair up, it only looks greasier. So, what can you do? How can you fix a problem that seems to never go away no matter what you try?

Oily hair can be inherited and be in your genetics. Hormone fluctuations can also cause excess oils in puberty and/or birth control pills or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) can cause over-productive oil glands.

Fine hair can be a problem too, as fine hair can seem to have more oil because there’s less hair so distribute the oils in the scalp. Each hair follicle has two or three oil glands, so if you’ve got thin hair, the oils may appear excessive.

Don’t be mad at your oil glands for performing well. The oils your scalp produces: 1) protects your hair strands from breakage 2) keeps your scalp moisturized, 3) prevents dandruff, and 4) gives your hair healthy-looking, lustrous sheen. Unfortunately, sometimes it's just overzealous.

Many people associate oily hair with an unhealthy diet full of unsaturated fats and oils. That’s not exactly true. Fats and oils that you eat are not processed in your body and then sent to your oil glands however, what you eat does affect hair growth in a big way!

No matter whether you have an oily or dry scalp, the result is the same. Oily hair can be caused by both. Oily scalp is self explanatory. The more oils your scalp produces, the oilier your hair will be. Dry scalp is a problem because it does not get enough oils. Your oil glands may create more oils to remedy the dryness in your scalp and that makes your hair oilier too. Try to identify which problem you have and make the best choices for you and your special circumstances.

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10 Oily Hair Remedies

  • If your hair is long, try using shampoo's that contain Jojoba Oil or Tea Tree Oil. They help clean greasy build up off your hair and can help relieve an oily scalp. However, if you use them too often, you could be drying out your long locks - especially if you shampoo frequently.

    Longer hairstyles require more oils. Instead, shampoo every other day or once every three days. Use dry shampoos between shampooing to cut the excess oils.

  • If your scalp is dry, your oil glands will work overtime to produce more oils. That can cause you to have oily hair. If you have dry scalp, apply olive oil or a Hot Oil treatment right to your scalp. Rub the oil around and massage the product well into your dry scalp. That moisturizes your scalp so they don't produce excess amounts of oils that give you oily hair.

  • Choose the right pH! For people with fine, fragile, or combination hair (hair that's oily at the crown but dry on the ends), shampoo for oily hair can be too harsh. Normal hair needs a shampoo with a slightly acidic pH (Potential Hydrogen), but oily hair requires a product that's got an alkaline pH. Look for shampoos with a pH higher than 6.7 or simply, those labeled for oily hair.

  • Always rinse thoroughly. Whatever shampoo you use, be sure you rinse, rinse, rinse. Soap residue will only collect dirt and oil more quickly. It's best to use cool water to rinse with if you can stand it because it helps to close the oil glands on your scalp.

  • If you’ve got thin hair, don’t use heavy conditioners. Opt instead for no rinse conditioners, light conditioners, or no conditioner at all. If you’ve got longer hair, you’ll need to use a rinse out conditioner. Apply a small amount of conditioner only to the ends. Never apply conditioner to your roots or scalp! You’ll create more oils on the scalp!

  • Some people think that over brushing creates more oils, but there are two sides to that. On the one hand, brushing more helps distribute oils and keeps them from building up on your scalp. However, over brushing can send stimulate oil glands to produce more oils. Either way, brushing too much can damage your hair strands and make them weak.

  • One way to decrease the oil is to rinse with lemon juice after shampooing. Finish with a cool rinse to close the oil glands and cuticle of your hair.

  • Any kind of alcohol has a nice drying effect. The higher the alcohol content the better it'll work. Vodka is an excellent choice because it's clear. Mix a shot glass of alcohol with a couple cups of water and rinse through your hair. Rinse it out as normal.

  • Rinse your hair in diluted tea. Tea contains tannic acid, which is an astringent that can cut excess oils.

  • Stale beer can have a drying effect the same as alcohol. Used as a rinse after shampooing, it can clean your hair and your scalp and help calm down overactive sebaceous glands.

    The cause of oily hair can be hard to determine. Try to examine your scalp between shampoos to better decide if you have an oily scalp or a dry scalp. Make adjustments using the tips above. Controlling your oily hair will be a lot easier, not greasier!

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