Not sure which vaccine caused injury cause so many are given at one time

by Syl441
(California )

I took my daughter in to get her 4 month shots that evening she had a fever. The fever lasted for 3 days and my baby was not herself. Prior to the vaccines she was playful, cooing, kicking, laughing, grabbing, smiling, etc. but after the vaccines she was limp and lifeless with no emotions. She would just stare into space with this lifeless glare. I was so scared. After about a week I began to give my baby detox baths and a day later she began to come to. Although she is doing much better now I can still tell she's having some difficulty in her motor skills and know it was due to the vaccines.

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Sep 21, 2017
re: Not sure which vaccine(s) caused injury
by: carolyn

I am so sorry Syl...

These vaccines are made for "one size fits all" when we know that babies are all totally different. It's the same with animal vaccines as well.

I just don't understand how a whole industry has so many people brainwashed into thinking vaccines are "good".

If you think you have a "case", you can report the injury at VAERS here.

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