Get a Natural Facelift Using Targeted Facial Exercises!

You can create your own natural facelift using specific facial exercises.

You don’t need surgery to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

Your face has over 100 muscles in it. They need to be exercised regularly just like the rest of your body. These facial exercises help tone and renew the muscles of the face, give support to the skin, and soften fine line and wrinkles.

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Exercising your face is completely different from facial massage which can actually pull on your skin and make wrinkles worse. There are a select few facial massage techniques however, that are safe to use.

These natural facelift exercises be done every day for a month to help muscles regain new life. After that, maintain your renewed look by doing them at least 3 times a week. Before beginning the exercises, your skin should be cleaned, toned, and moisturized. Keep your shoulders and the rest of your body relaxed while working the facial exercise program.

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Facial Exercise Routine for a Natural Facelift

  • Practice Sneezing - Open your eyes and your mouth wide. Take a deep breath and pretend to sneeze. Squeeze your eyes shut and purse your lips. Let out all your breath. Hold this for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times. This warms up all the facial muscles.

  • Fish Mouth - Open your mouth half way and draw your lips in over your teeth. Hold for 10 seconds. Let go and purse your lips out, as when making the ‘oo’ sound. Hold for 10 seconds. Relax and repeat 5 times.

  • Grimace - Tense all the muscles in the front of the neck. You will feel it pull up at the sides of your mouth. Hold, remember to breathe, and move your head forward, to one side, back, then to the other side and back to center. Repeat this 5 times.

  • Roll the Ball - Puff the right cheek out with a ball of air. Hold the pressure for 5 seconds, then roll the ball to the upper lip. Hold for 5 seconds. Now move the air ball to the other left cheek and hold for 5 seconds. Move the air ball under the lower lip and hold for 5 seconds. Relax and repeat the rotation 5 times.

  • Fingers Across the Forehead - First raise and lower the eyebrows 5 times, holding each time for 5 seconds. Now place all your fingertips on the forehead, above the eyes and about half way up to the hairline. Apply medium pressure and repeat raising and lowering the brows 5 times, holding each position for 5 seconds. Feel the resistance and contraction beneath your fingertips. Relax.

  • Breath and relax - Finally, relax all your body, relax the face and think about how your face feels. Picture in mind that you are young and serene. Hold that thought for a minute. Relax and breathe deeply, using your diaphram in unison with your lungs.

    The benefits of doing regular facial exercises are numerous. They include but are not limited to: increasing circulation, toning the intricate muscles of the face, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles over time. Of course, there are other facial exercises you might read about, but some of them are too invasive and may create more problems in the future.

    The more you exercise your face, the more results you're bound to see. Once you get a rhythm going, it will only take a few minutes to implement the natural facelift routine into your schedule. The more you use it, the more refreshed your fine lines and wrinkles will be. Of course, you'll also help turn back the biological clock and actually look like you got a surgical facelift!

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