Natural Beauty Tips for
Gorgeous Eyes

Natural beauty tips come in handy when you’re feeling a little frazzled around the edges. Its those days you thank gosh for makeup, right?

A little eyeshadow for example, can help lift your eyes so you look more refreshed and alert.

The trick to sensational eyes is inspired when you use hints of makeup colors that brighten up your face and make your eyes pop, naturally!

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A subdued black mascara, charcoal eyeliner, and cream concealer all inspire your eyes to look even more fabulous and organic. Nobody looks good all the time but you don’t have to hide in the shadows if you don't wake up looking perky everyday. Believe it or not, makeup is a great way to unlock natural beauty!

Natural Beauty Tips for Beautiful Eyes

  • Apply any medium colored base eyeshadow on your lids, from lashes to crease. Carry the color around your eye in a subtle line just under lower lashes. Blend a pale highlighter shade under the brow bone. Finish with a deep tone along the crease, then smudge for a soft, natural effect.

  • Eyes sparkle when you use shadow colors that contrast, instead of matching. Blue or green eyes? Try brown and beige tones. Brown eyes glow with blues, rose, and plum colors! (Find more makeup suggestions for your eye color!)

  • If you have naturally smaller eyes, emphasize them with a pale highlighter shade all the way from lashes to brows. Blend a deep shade into the crease to create and eye opening contour.

    * Hint - Use smoky eyeshadow sets.

  • To wake up your eyes and make them pop, use a white or pale highlighting eyeshadow shade from the inner corner of your upper lid to the center. Then blend a deep or medium eyeshadow color (like charcoal) from the center of upper lid to the outer corner.

  • To open eyes, use the magic of mascara! Use it generously and sweep a few extra coats on center lashes especially.

  • Need to get your eyebrows in shape? Brows should begin just over the inner corner of your eye. The highest point of the arch should line up with the outer rim of your iris. Brows should end about 1/4" beyond outer corner of your eye. Tweeze eyebrow's carefully, ideally after you shower or bathe, when the steam has relaxed pores. Get more tips for your eyebrow shape or use eyebrow stencils to help you.

  • Many women forget about eyelash care when using natural beauty tips. Try conditioning lashes from time to time. Right before you go to bed, swab lashes with a q-tip end dipped in coconut oil or baby oil or even Vaseline. If you're using oil, remember to squeeze out excesses so you don’t get baby oil in your eyes. Close your eyes and apply along lashes. Dab with a dry tissue to remove excesses. Clean lashes the next morning.

  • To be ready for mornings when you haven’t slept well and your eyes are looking ghoulish, keep a few cotton balls that have been soaked in witch hazel and leave them in the frig. To revive sleepy eyes, squeeze excesses off cotton ball, then apply the witch hazel by pressing cotton gently against lids for a few minutes. This really soothes tired eyes and helps diminish puffiness. Apply under your eyes to soothe dark circles.

  • If your eyes still look drab, apply a thin coat of firming eye gel to your eyes with your ring fingertip, before you apply makeup. Eye gels help decrease inflammation and reduce swelling. Allow to dry thoroughly.

  • Got dark circles under your eyes? Try Hydroxatone or vitamin K creams to help diminish dark circles over time! Your face will look naturally beautiful!

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    More Natural Beauty Tips for Beautiful Eyes

  • Be sure to keep eyeliner pencils sharpened. A dull eyeliner tip can give you raccoon eyes. Charcoal liner colors make your eyes look bigger and lashes look fuller. Keep the look soft for a natural look. Harsh drawn lines age your face, and eyes totally surrounded by liner make your eyes look ‘fenced in’.

    For best results, line upper lids at lash line from inner to outer corner. Line lower lashes outward from center of eye outward only. For a more natural look, dot liner along lash line.

  • Glossy black mascara’s help emphasize your lashes and enhance eyes. Apply two or three coats, allowing mascara to dry between coats. You’ll have rich full looking lashes that give you smoking hot eyes!

    Begin with upper lashes, stroking from base to tips. Coat lower lashes carefully to avoid smudging and smearing. For extreme lashes, hold mascara vertically and apply it to individual lashes. This also helps separate any lashes that have stuck together.

  • Use makeup concealers to help cover and camouflage dark under eye circles. For best results, dot a small amount on over your moisturizer, but before foundation. Use a damp makeup sponge or your fingertip, and blend outward gently and evenly. Finish by smoothing on foundation.

    To cover acne, small scars, or other facial skin problems, dab concealer on the area and blend in gently. Concealers blend much more easily when they’ve been heated, so apply concealer to the back of your hand and allow to warm. Then apply the concealer to your face.

    Natural Beauty Tips that Enhance Any Look!

  • Dry nails from polish remover? – Add three to five drops of baby oil or avocado oil to your favorite polish remover. Shake well before each use or buy conditioning polish removers.

  • Dry lips from the weather? – Using a soft toothbrush is the fastest way to get soft kissable lips. To soften, dot petroleum jelly on lips then brush them lightly to exfoliate chapped skin.

  • Use lip glosses instead of heavy cream lipsticks for sophisticated, unpretentious lips.

  • Use peppermint oil to plump your lips naturally.

  • Want a flawless makeup that lasts longer than you do? To give you a more professional look like a movie star, use a makeup sponge for cream or liquid foundations and use a makeup primer for mineral foundation. Be sure to blend, blend, blend though. Go over your finished look with a loose powder or mineral foundation to help set it all in place.

    Use these natural beauty tips to help you look like you’ve got it all going on! You’ll look more magnificent naturally!

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