Money Saving Tips for Health Conditions

Money saving tips for health conditions can help save your cash! When there's less money to go around, cutting back somewhere becomes an essential part of your monthly budget.

That's a vitally important point in today's world. With the high cost of everything else, your health may take the back seat and suffer. But did you know visiting your doctor is sometimes optional? Why must we keep depending on huge pharmaceutical companies that are padding their wallets by pushing unnecessary drugs on us? The answer if we shouldn't. Maybe it's time low-cost old fashioned remedies should be revisited! 

The good news is that you can overcome many common ailments with ordinary supplements, foods, spices, herbs, or alternative products! Just like your grandma did, you can learn to rely on natural remedies that make good sense. That's a major plus when you can't afford to run to the doctor or don't like the idea of putting chemicals in your body to solve a medical problem.

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Right now, money saving tips have become more important than ever before! It's estimated that around 23 million people can't find a job. There are 47 million people in America who depend on the government's help for food, while 50 million people in this country can't see a doctor when they get sick. There are also 15 million families who owe more on their mortgage than the value of their homes. To say that American's need financial help is a total understatement!

But did you know that the human body is a magnificent Non-Stop Engine? What its capable of doing is nothing short of miraculous! If you understood how many systems have to be working properly just for you to breathe and move everyday, you'd understand how awesome it is too.

Some of the health conditions I’ve experienced in my life are non-existent in my body today because I had the good sense to research them and find alternatives that worked. Even with Obamacare on the table in the US, you still run the risks of taking prescription drugs. If you've watched any recent commercials, you know the large amount of negative side effects they can cause. It's a real conundrum!

I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a short story. I practically cured my Ulcerative Colitis in less than one year by taking a simple supplement! I couldn't have done it though, if I hadn't been willing to spend the time looking for the right answer. In the broad scheme of things, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

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My Experience with Ulcerative Colitis

Three short years ago, I started feeling bad. I had no other symptoms except I just didn't feel normal. Then I noticed that food wasn't tasting as good as it used to. My taste buds were 'off' but that was the only real symptom that I had.

In the meantime, I was under a tremendous amount of stress with work. One night when it was very late, I sat on my front porch steps, broke down, and weeped like a baby. I was extremely overwrought. The next morning I woke up with chronic diarrhea that didn't stop all day long.

I talked to my doctor at the time and she suggested that I had the Swine Flu. She said; "Time is all it takes to heal so give it some time". So I did. A few weeks went by and I was still running to the bathroom every couple of hours. The diarrhea hadn't slowed down, I had lost ten pounds, and was sleeping most of the day away because I had zero energy.

I couldn't go back to see my NP because she had stopped working at that time, so I found myself at the local Doc in a Box and he prescribed some antibiotics (Cipro) to me. They didn't work.

After losing twenty+ pounds, I finally decided it was time to check into our local Emergency Hospital. When I did, they gave me another round of antibiotics (Cipro and *Metronidazole) after doing a CT Scan that cost thousands of dollars to run. My BP at that time was something like 80/50 and I was just a skeleton of the person I used to be. When I had to go out in public, some people gawked at me, some laughed at me, or told me to 'eat something'. I look emaciated and was totally embarrassed!

After a few weeks, the diarrhea had almost disappeared but it took even more time until I was able to eat regular foods. Applesauce, rice, and chicken broth, had become staple foods for me during this time.

*Metronidazole - This is the absolute WORST antibiotic on the market, IMHO. It tastes nasty in the first place and if you research it, the first thing it says on the page is that "This drug is known to cause cancer in rats". That's not much of a saving grace when you're really sick... and although it did stop my diarrhea, I felt like I took another great risk taking it!

In the next few months, I had a couple of colitis flairs so my new doctor had prescribed Prednisone (steroids) to me to help slow it down. It worked well but I detested taking prescription drugs! I decided to take my health into my own hands and researched the condition online to find natural cures. In my search, I found that many folks who took simple aloe vera supplements had good results with Ulcerative Colitis, so I tried it.

Aloe is very soothing to the gut and digestive tract and it helped me immensely! In the three years I've been taking it, I haven't had one flair at all. I also had to calm down my stress levels. Today, when I start to get super stressed, I take quick action to slow down and 'smell the roses'.

This whole experience taught me a great lesson. Sometimes there's a super easy solution to your medical woes. That's one of the reason's I extended the health sections on this site. I wanted you to have all the money saving tips I knew so you could forgo taking chemical drugs that only cause more symptoms.

Learning more about your body means listening to other people who know more than you do. You also need to listen to your own body, which everyone should do! If you listened to your body, right now, here today, what would it be telling you?

I have been extremely blessed to find that treating most common health conditions doesn’t have to cost you a trip to the doctors office and the pharmacy. Many money saving tips for health can really help you save your cash!

Most of the prescriptive drugs today are sheer horse manure. You see, they only treat the symptoms but do not treat the cause. They also have severe side effects, that cause other symptoms you must then treat.

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However, if you get to the root of the problems you're having and treat the cause, you are more likely to succeed in your treatment! Most people hate having to pay the high price of prescription drugs anyway. It's simply outrageous!

Pharmaceutical drugs do have their place in treatment, but are way over-prescribed and over used. In most cases, there are suitable alternatives that work just as well if not better, and are not harmful to your body! At age 54, I take no prescription drugs! I have no condition that warrants their use! I am convinced that if I can do it, so can you!

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