How to Apply Mascara for An Alluring Look!

Mascara helps enhance your eyes. It lengthens lashes and makes the eyes look larger. Used properly, it should thicken the eyelashes without clumping.

You can use it to create different looks and use different types and colors of it to create different effects.

Black and brown are staple colors, but there are a wide variety of other mascara colors available! Use them to accentuate your eyes!

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You can either apply mascara by using a wand or comb. Wands are either curved or straight. If you need it to last longer, then use waterproof. These generally do last longer but also take a bit more effort to remove.

Do curved brushes really help curl lashes? They do! Of course they work best if you also use a lash curler first! Also, remember the way you sweep your wand will determine the direction of your lashes! The size of your brush makes a difference too. The smaller the brush, the better able you are to define lashes.

Combs on the other hand, are a bit outdated but still available. Which type you choose to use is a matter of personal preference, convenience, and lifestyle.

Sweep wands upward or downward to lengthen lashes or sweep wands outward for a more formal look.

How to Apply Mascara for An Alluring Look

1) Comb out lashes with an eyelash comb or brush.

These are inexpensive to buy if you don’t have one. Eyelash combs actually have a brush on one side and a comb on the other side. The brush side is for eyebrows and the comb side is for brows or lashes.

They help by eliminating loose lashes or ones that might come off during mascara application. Do this first!

2) Apply an eye cream or facial cream around your eyes. Moisture-eyes before you apply makeup.

When you apply facial lotions, serums, or eye creams around your eyes, start at the outer eye, stroke under your eye towards your nose. Then move up the inner part of the nose and back around the eye, over the eyebrow to the outer eye again.

Most women do this in the wrong direction. Don’t stroke the skin underneath the eye outward! Stroke it inward on both sides. Stroking the eyes outwards under your eyes, can stretch your skin out and may give you premature wrinkles!

3) Apply an eye gel if you have it. Eye gels help to firm the skin surrounding the eyes and help to strengthen, separate, and elongate the lashes BEFORE you apply make up. They also help reduce puffy eyes.

Apply a SMALL amount of firming eye gel to your ring fingertips and smooth it around your eyes. Take great care to not disrupt the delicate skin surrounding the eyes.

You can also use eye gels to help define and separate lashes. Apply a very small amount of gel to your ring fingertips on both hands. Rub fingertips together. Gently apply gel to the front and back of lashes.

You can accomplish this by closing your eye first, then apply gel to the back of the lashes. Wait a few moments for it to dry.

Open your eyes wide and apply gel to the outer lashes by lightly bushing against the lashes with your fingertips.

It doesn't take a lot of gel to do this but you don't want to get gel in your eyes. It won't hurt your eyes if you do but it does make your eyes water if you get gel in them. Brush out lashes with an eye lash brush. Allow to dry.

In this way, gels work the same way that clear mascara works.

4) Use an eyelash curler if you have one. If your lashes are straight, they can really help. Curling lashes really help your eyes POP OUT.

Don't press too hard. This could possibly create a crimp in the middle of the lashes.

ALWAYS remember to OPEN the curler BEFORE pulling it away from your eyes. You wouldn’t want to pull out all your lashes! OUCH!!!

Don’t attempt to curl bottom lashes. Curl top lashes only.

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5) Apply to bottom lashes. You may need to tilt your head down a little for bottom lash application. Keep your eyes looking up though! It doesn't matter whether you apply to the bottom or top lashes first, as long as you allow coats to dry between applications.

Use a wand or comb and sweep down the lower lashes or if you hold the brush vertically, just use the tip of the wand and apply to one or a few lashes at a time.

Hold the wand horizontally to your lashes.

With the wand at the base of the lashes, lightly vibrate your hand from the root of lashes to tips. Then sweep the wand down the lower lashes, making sure you separate the lashes as you go.

Now hold the brush underneath the lower lashes. Gently vibrate your hand to the base of the root hair, and sweep the wand up under the lashes and outwards. If you get a little bit under your eye, just remove it with a slightly moistened q-tip.

If you get any clumps, get them out while the mascara is wet. You can accomplish this by using your eyelash comb. If you don’t have one, clean the excess mascara off the wand with a tissue.

Then remove clumps with your cleaned wand. Or you can remove some clumps with a moistened q-tip. Just be sure to squeeze out excess water before you try or you'll end up making a smudged mess!

6) Apply to upper lashes. Apply mascara to inner and outer lashes.

Hold the wand horizontally and apply the wand to the outer root hair base of the upper lashes.

Gently vibrate your hand for a moment, then sweep the wand up the lashes. On upper lashes you can also roll the wand at the base of the lashes to help work the mascara to the root hair.

Apply to top of upper lashes. Hold the wand horizontally and apply the wand to the inner root hair base of the upper lashes.

Gently vibrate your hand, then sweep the brush upwards and outwards. You can also roll the wand again if you like.

Be sure to apply mascara to inner and outer lashes.

Allow to dry.

You can apply more than one coat of course. The more coats you apply, the more dark and alluring your eyes will look. Always allow mascara to dry in between applications.

  • Always roll your mascara in the tube to clean off clumps or get more mascara. Don't keep inserting it into and out of the tube. Doing this creates more air in the tube, which promotes bacterial growth.

  • If wands become clogged or clumpy, you can wash them with some warm soapy water. Rinse clean and allow to dry thoroughly before using again.

  • You can correct any smears or mistakes by using the slightly moist end of a q-tip. Gently rub them off.

    Whats the BEST mascara for the BEST price?

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    What are the Newest Mascaras on the Market?

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    Your eyes will look larger, brighter, and more defined if you apply your mascara correctly!

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