Your Makeup Color Season

Ever have a hard time trying to decide which makeup colors look best on you? With a wide variety of colors to choose from, it can get a little confusing. Or is it?

It’s a funny thing. We choose our clothes, we paint our walls, and most of us have a favorite color. Color is all around us yet most people don’t know what make up colors to choose or which look 'right' on them.

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Why is that? What's not been noticed? If you know what color clothes look best on you, then you may already have a sense of what colors you gravitate towards. You favorite color may or may NOT be in your color season colors, but chances are that it is!

Choosing the right colors for you is part science but it isn’t brain surgery:o). Once you know your color season, you just need to know what colors fit into that category. Then you’ll be better able to choose which colors look best on you. (There is a handy color chart below.

When I was in modeling school, we learned about our 'color seasons'. Knowing yours is monumental in choosing the right colors of makeup AND clothes.

So, how do you know your color season? Well, since color seasons depend on the actual weather seasons, they are as you might have guessed.

You are either a 1) winter, 2) summer, 3) spring, or 4) fall. To determine which colors and clothes to wear, you'll need to figure this out.

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Find Your Makeup Color Season

1) Determine Your Eye Pattern - Look at your eye color in the mirror in a well lit room. You may need 1) sunlight and 2) magnified mirror to see it. Does your eye color look like:

Summer - cracked glass
Autumn - an Aztec sun with swirls and spots
Spring - a round sunburst
Winter - a wheel spoke

2) Determine Your Hair and Eye Color -

Your combination of hair and eye color will help you in finding your color season.

Winter - Hair may not contain highlights and is black, dark brown, medium brown or auburn. Eye color can be the full spectrum, from brown, to blue, to hazel or green.

Spring - Hair is lighter colored, but can be golden brown, red, or even blonde. Eyes are typically blue, blue-gray, green, or darker shades of green like turquoise green.

Summer - Hair is stark and may lack highlights and is typically ash colored, blonde or brown. Eye colors run the spectrum from brown, to blue, to green or hazel.

Autumn - Hair is golden colored or brown, reddish, or auburn/chestnut red. Eye colors do not include blue but are dark brown, hazel or green.

3) Determine Your Personality Trait - Your personality should fall into the same category as your hair and eyes!

Winter - You are loyal, analytical, dependable, truthful, perfectionist, reserved.

Spring - You tend to be friendly, optimistic, energetic, curious, cheerful, witty.

Summer - You are most practical, good listener, organized, easy going, gentle, understanding.

Autumn - You have tendencies to be self-disciplined, confident, organized, leader, loyal & dependable.

So now you that you have taken the steps necessary for finding your color season, what color clothes and makeup should you wear?

('Vertical' refers to up and down, 'horizontal' refers to from left to right.)

On the chart below, the VERTICAL columns represent:

First column is summer, second column is winter, third column is spring, and fourth column is autumn/fall!


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Your Best Makeup Colors

Winter – Wear rich, bold, lush colors like black, navy blue, dark green, deep purples, and bright reds. Stay close to shades that are sharp and stark to complement your skin tone. Lighter colors only wash out your skin but you can wear some lighter colors, like bright white or cool pastels, such as icy blues, pinks, greens, and yellows. Avoid earthy toned colors like beige, orange, and gold.

Spring – Wear soft, pale colors, such as peach, beige, light yellow, golden brown, and sea green. You can also wear ivory, bright greens, true reds, clear blues, and some lighter shades of coral. Avoid colors that are dull and muted or very dark. Black and white can wash your skin out and therefore should be avoided.

Summer – Wear playful soft colored neutrals and pastels, as well as muted colors with cool undertones. Powder blue, muted pink, mauve, light purple, light plum, and light yellows look good. Avoid dramatic, vivid hues because they don't blend well with your complexion. Earthy tones, black, and brilliant orange are not good choices.

Autumn – Wear rich deep golden, spicy, and earth-toned colors. Autumns can wear both muted and rich warm colors that are often seen in autumn leaves such as brown, yellow, red, light green, olive green, rich orange, and gold. Most all shades of gray are good color choices!

Another way to think about this is:

What colors do you see in the different seasons of the year? Think about the different colors each season brings and you're on the right track to choosing the right colors for you!

Of course, some people may be a mix of two seasons. Your eye pattern may have two distinct patterns, so you might fall into an extended category of the season. Here is more information in case that’s you!

Summer Blends

ABSOLUTE SUMMER - Light brown hair or gray if you're older.
MOONLIGHT SUMMER (Summer - Winter) Dark ash brunette, brown, or silvery gray hair.
SUNSHINE SUMMER (Summer - Spring) Ash blonde hair with golden blonde highlights.
INDIAN SUMMER (Summer - Autumn) Strawberry or copper hair or ash blonde hair.
Summer celebrities: Jeri Ryan, Denise Richards, Eva Habermann.

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Winter Blends

ABSOLUTE WINTER - Dark hair with light skin or very dark hair and dark skin.
SNOW FROST WINTER (Winter - Summer) Light brown hair
FIRELIGHT WINTER (Winter - Spring) Blonde, almost white blonde hair
SUNSET WINTER (Winter - Autumn) Chestnut or medium red-colored hair.
Winter celebrities: Kristin Kreuk, Alicia Keys, Rosario Dawson.

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Spring Blends

ABSOLUTE SPRING - Blonde hair and spring personality traits fit you best.
PASTEL SPRING (Spring - Summer) Ash blonde hair or brunette.
SPRING (Spring - Winter) Black to medium brunette hair, pale skin to dark olive skin.
GLORIOUS SPRING (Spring - Autumn) Freckled skin with blonde hair, or red to strawberry blonde hair.
Spring celebrities: Lindsay Lohan, Gillian Anderson, Evangeline Lily.

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Autumn Blends

ABSOLUTE AUTUMN - Beige hair with hints of red, or copper red hair, warm toned skin.
GENTLE AUTUMN (Autumn - Summer) All shades of blonde, personality traits are more subtle.
GOLDEN AUTUMN (Autumn - Spring) Blonde hair but you can wear lush, bold colors.
STRIKING AUTUMN (Autumn - Winter) Very dark hair with highlighted undertones.
Autumn celebrities: Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, Aishwarya Rai.

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When you wear the right makeup colors, everything pulls together. Add splashes of your favorite tones to enhance your skin tone and eyes.

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