Makeup Tips for Winter

Makeup tips for winter are truly different than any other season.

There’s far less natural light and there are far fewer colors in nature! Winter therefore, is a season of great contrasts.

As the nights get longer and the days get shorter, it's a great time to change your makeup routine. With less lighting, your makeup needs to stand out a little more!

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There are other things you'll need to consider in your winter makeup application. Your skin tone and eye color may influence your makeup color choices. Your personal style is always a makeup variable too.

However, this one tip rings true all season long! When the winter is frigid outside, use bold colors of makeup to warm up your look! Use these makeup tips for winter; the coldest season of them all!

Makeup Tips for Winter

  • Before you apply makeup, make sure moisturizers have completely absorbed into your skin. Your skin is always smoother when lotions are allowed to dry thoroughly.

  • Moisture is so important when the air is frigid! When you get out of the shower, pat dry your skin only. Rubbing your skin removes precious oils that keep skin hydrated and dewey looking. Makeup over dry skin = such a drag!

  • If you’re used to minimal makeup, now might be a good time to increase your makeup application. Foundation makeup especially, helps protect your skin from harsh environmental elements, which is a natural advantage to using it during harsh winter months!

  • Your makeup tips for winter should include flawless foundation coverage. You'll get great results if you apply foundations with a slightly damp makeup sponge, which will help add more moisture to your skin. Use 'hydrating foundations' to help smooth your skin even more.

  • Estee Lauder and Clinique foundations are preferred by most women. If you like the 2 in 1 advantage, try Even Better Makeup by Clinique. It improves your skin’s appearance with each use and you get great coverage at the same time!

  • Mineral makeup is truly great for all seasons, but you may want better protection from harsh temps in the cold months. Compact foundations, cream foundations, and mousse foundations are a great choice for cold months.

  • If your skin is pale, use sunless tanners during the winter to help add warmth to your skin.

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  • Three colors you see a lot in the winter are white, black, and red. That's why you should be ready to use them to your advantage. Red lipsticks look tantalizing on full lips, while black mascara with white eyeshadows applied along lash lines can help open your eyes!

  • NOW is a great time to slather on your makeup! Because of dimmer lights, you’ll need more makeup to be noticed by the HOTTIES in the room! Use wider lines of eyeliner, more vibrant blusher shades, and brighter eyeshadow and lipstick colors. Overdoing is so much better than underdoing in the winter months!

  • Finishing off your makeup application with a light dusting of loose powder always helps seal makeup in place and keep oils from forming on your face. It also helps protect your skin from dry air.

  • One of the simplest makeup tips for winter is to choose one feature you want to enhance. You can play up your lips, your eyes, or your cheeks by using brighter colors on one feature at a time.

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  • During the winter, use more shimmer and glitter. Shimmer works great along the brow bones as an eye pick-me-up, and glitter dotted around your eyes or used on your cheeks will help your makeup look more cheery. Both help refract light, which helps you look amazing.

  • Silver, gold, and purple have long been associated with royalty and are seen a lot during the holidays! Silver shadows look best with cool skin tones while gold shimmer eyeshadows look best with warm skin tones. Purple colors can be worn successfully by all skin tone colors. You just have to choose the right shade! Use these holiday makeup colors to empower you all season long!

  • If bright eyeshadow colors are not your thang, use bright mascara colors to help draw attention to your eyes instead!

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  • Bright pink colors during the winter will make people do a double-take when they see you. Why? Because its an unexpected color to see when the temps are cold. That helps add an element of surprise to your winter makeup, plus pink is always fashionable. Last year, it was endorsed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show. Think pink and use more pink makeup!

  • Cream eyeshadows help add moisture to your eye lids, which is vital... especially as you age. Keep in mind that if you now you’re going to be dancing a lot or sitting by a warm fire, stick to powder eyeshadows used in conjunction with a great eyeshadow primer.

  • Winter is the perfect time to line your lips, especially if you like your lips to look full and sumptuous. Matching lip liners with the colors of your lipsticks gives you an impeccable appeal.

  • Carry lip gloss in your purse for a quick lip pick-me-up anytime! Dry lips are like an unwelcome guest! You'll want to get rid of them asap! Lipsticks can't stay put if lips won't allow them to stay!

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  • Try some of the newer mascara's on the market to extend your lashes like Maybelline Falsies Flair Mascara. To add Hollywood glamor to your makeup regimen, try building up your lower lashes more than your upper lashes. Its totally glam, right? If you have a hard time growing lashes, try Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara.

  • If you want to play up your eyes, line them with a bright bold color, then use a contrasting eyeshadow.

  • Having a bit of makeup in a makeup bag is a great fail safe during the hustle and bustle of the season. If the weather's bad and you get stuck at the airport for example, these are fantastic to have in your purse!

  • Enjoy the ride! When you apply makeup, you should enjoy the process! If it's not fun to put makeup on, why bother?

    Makeup tips for winter should be easy to use and practical. Your makeup application is only limited by your own imagination. Try new shades of makeup to add more zing to your winter makeup style!

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