Makeup Tips for Summer!

Makeup tips for summer can keep you looking great, even when the sun is sizzling! When the heat is on, makeup application needs to change a bit. Sweat, humidity, and other attributes of summer can hinder makeup application!

You don't have to hide out inside though! Even in sweltering temps, your makeup can still be complimentary. Using a few tricks of the trade will help you surf right through the hot summer temps!

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As it moves into warmer weather, get hints from the various colors you notice in your environment. Flowers are abundant in a variety of pastel and vibrant colors and the grass and trees showcase numerous shades of green.

Of course, there are other considerations you must take into account for your summer makeup selections. The color of your eyes and the tone of your skin are always a makeup game-changer, as well as your personal style.

Makeup tips for summer are essential if you want to avoid creating a smoldering mess! Use them wisely so you can avoid makeup disasters!

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Makeup Tips for Summer

  • If you have a tan, consider not wearing foundation. Instead, lightly dust minerals over your face for flawless coverage. Mineral makeup is a natural sunblock because its main ingredient is zinca, a wondrous gift from Mother Earth. Sheer foundations and tinted moisturizers will help your skin breathe, so they're also a great 'lite' choice.

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  • If you want a healthy facial glow, use bronzers to add dimension and warmth. Always blend bronzers well so your makeup looks hidden but your cheeks look like you've been smooching with the sun.

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  • Take cues from the many shades of flowers you see in the summer to choose your eyeshadow shades. Summer is full of brightly flavored flower hues, including golden yellows, fiery oranges, brilliant blues, plush purples, and neon greens. Some people think that cool colors are best for summer time but pastel colors can wash out your skin tone and downplay your look. Bright bold eyeshadows rock the long summer nights and make a statement all by themselves!

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  • Use long lasting lipsticks when you know you'll be out playing all day in the sun. In the summer, your lips will need extra hydration so don't forget to moisturize like crazy. Long lasting lipsticks can dry out your lips, which can't hold moisture for too long by themselves.

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  • Makeup with shimmer is a great way to compliment to your suntan and your face! Use it liberally when the mood strikes you during the summer months to add natural-looking pizzazz and sparkle. Put those powder puffs away!

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  • Combining bold colors all over (lips, eyes, cheeks, skin) is a bad makeup move! Choose one area only to accentuate your style. Too much of anything can make you look off-beat. Keeping wandering eyes tuned into one location at a time and you'll keep drawing attention the right way!

    Another moot point to consider this time of year is that makeup products go rancid if they get too hot, which can cause bacteria to grow quickly. Keep all makeup in a cool place, away from windows and the sun, so you won't get an eye infection. They're a drag! These makeup tips for summer are perfect for fun in the sun and during those long sultry nights. Wouldn't it be perfect if it could just last longer! *Sigh*

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