10 Common Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Makeup mistakes are totally avoidable but they’re also easy to fix once you’re aware of them! You must allow yourself enough time to think through what you want to achieve. 

When you first start using makeup, you are bound to make some errors in judgement but even seasoned makeup diva's can make ghastly goofs! At times, the process can be frustrating but the key is to press on. So relax a little, try new techniques and test new products!

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Every woman’s flubbed up her makeup from time to time but wearing the wrong makeup is like being flat chested and wearing a double-D bra. In both cases, it just doesn’t look right! (or good!)

However, if you have a heads-up beforehand, you’ll be one huge step ahead of the crowd. Knowing what works and what doesn’t work is worth taking the time to figure out! Here are some of the most common makeup mistakes that women make (so you’ll know what NOT to do) and their fixes!

How to Avoid Makeup Mistakes

  • In order for you to get your makeup right the first time, focus on the details! Having the right lighting is an absolute must-have! If you need a good makeup mirror, please do invest in one! You'll be using it for years so it really will pay for itself!

  • Its so much easier to avoid makeup mistakes if you pull your hair back out of your face before you start. Make sure your face is clearly visible, in all aspects!

  • Use a moisturizer first to amend dry skin.

  • Use a primer to avoid makeup mistakes, especially if you're over 20 and you have wrinkles you'd prefer hiding. (Or you're using colors you want to keep bold and bright.)

    10 Common Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them

  • Harsh blush lines – Everyone loves to have bright cheery cheeks but when you don’t blend blush into the surrounding skin, it won't look natural at all! To ensure that your blush doesn’t stand out, try applying a light dusting of loose powder over blush and blending with a large makeup brush.

    Used correctly, blush is used to kiss your cheeks with color and should not be visible. Your blush should seem seemless with the rest of your skin.

    To avoid blusher makeup mistakes, smile when you apply blush to your cheeks. Use short, upward strokes on the apples of your cheeks, blending up to the hairline and ears.

  • Clumpy mascara – No one likes clumping mascara and no one looks good wearing it either! To ensure that your makeup mistakes don’t include clumping, consider these tips to avoid mascara makeup mistakes:

    - Make sure your mascara isn’t outdated. Old mascara can get ‘thick’ and cause clumping.

    - If your mascara isn’t waterproof, you can run the wand of the mascara under hot water but shake off excesses to make sure you don’t dilute the rest of the mascara in the tube.

    - Brush lashes with an eyelash brush to eliminate loose lashes before using mascara.

    - If you worry about clumping regularly, use a clear mascara before applying other mascara colors to help separate lashes first.

    - If you get clumps when you’re applying mascara, comb through your lashes with an eyelash comb to separate them before mascara dries.

    - Always allow mascara to dry before you add more.

  • Not extending foundation past the jaw line – It just doesn’t look natural if you don’t extend foundations past jaw lines, down onto the neck below, especially when there’s a big contrast in skin tone shades. Always pull your hair back when you’re applying foundation and be sure to blend it further down below the jaw. Finish with powder to help create a flawless jaw line.

  • Using beige foundation with red undertones – If you have red undertones, don’t use beige foundations, which contain red pigments. Beige foundations don’t diminish red colors, they add them!

    If you have red undertones, use buff, nudes, and natural foundation colors that are devoid of red colors.

  • Using too light foundation colors – Ever seen someone who unnaturally, looks like a ghost? It’s downright spooky! As you age, you naturally stay out of the sun more often than when you’re young so complexions typically get lighter as you age.

    There are thousands of foundation shades to choose from so there is a correct foundation shade for your skin tone I promise. Finding the right one though takes a little detective work.

    If you accidentally get a shade that’s too light for your complexion, (which I did recently!) get a darker shade and mix them together to make your own personalized shade. (And visa versa.)

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  • Lining lips with a darker color than your lipstick – This looks totally unnatural and weird! Always choose lip liners in the shade closest to your lipstick shade. Liners can be used as a lipstick guide too. (Basic coloring 101: outline objects first, then fill in with color.)

    To avoid this mistake, match your lipstick color, as pictured above. Your lips will stand out because you got it right, not because you are being blatant!

    If you're just starting out, try using a neutral tone that blends easily with most all lip colors. You can also get a lot more tips for lipstick and liner application here.

  • Pointing cupids bow with lip liner – This is one of the absolute worst of makeup mistakes! When I had my massage therapy business, one day this lady came by to ask me a few questions about massage. Not only were her cheeks too bright, she also had pointed cupid bows! If you don’t know what that is, your 'cupids bow' is the highest points on your upper lip, (/\/\), directly under your nose.

    Lip liners should be slightly rounded and not look like the peaks on a mountaintop. I wanted to tell the lady that she was making a fool of herself but I just didn’t have the heart. Hopefully, someone close to her clued her in on it!

  • Using the wrong eyeshadow shades – As a general rule, if you have dark hair, dark eyes, and sallow or olive skin tone, use bolder makeup colors. If you have light hair color, blue, green or hazel eyes, and a fair skin tone, wear subdued, softer colors.

    Yellow eyeshadow is one of the worst shades to get wrong! If you have dark hair, use gold-toned colors! If you have blonde, red, or light brown hair, you can use some lighter yellow shadow colors, just don’t overuse them or your face will look like The Walking Dead.

    To avoid color mistakes, find more advice about choosing colors here!

    Mimi Bobeck from the Drew Carey Show image

  • Overdoing blue eyeshadow – This is something everyone’s seen that ever watched the Drew Carey Show. It was a trademark for Mimi Bobeck, (who was played by Kathy Kinney) on the show.

    Blue shadow’s do work for many people though and there are some truly beautiful shades of blue colors on the market! Blue colors used on and around your eyes can make your eyes look whiter and brighter. Typically it’s younger ladies who look good with lots of blue!

    If you don’t want to give up your bold blue eyeshadow just yet, just don't overdo it. That's really key to avoid most all makeup mistakes.

  • Overusing dark eyeliners – When you line your eyes all the way around, your eyes look deep set and smaller. Raccoon eyes may look great if you're Goth or performing on stage, but for most of us, its taboo to completely close up the eyes.

    To remedy this, line along top lashes from inner to outer corner and then line only about 3/4 of the way along lower lashes, from outer to inner corner. Gently smudge the line toward the inner corner of your eye and you’ll avoid closing in your eyes.

    Most makeup mistakes can be circumvented! Every woman loves to get attention but positive attention is so much better than negative attention. You’ll stand out in the crowd because your makeup is tastefully done, not overdone.

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    20 Common Mistakes in Makeup

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