Makeup Colors for Redheads

Makeup colors for redheads should flatter you and be an extension of your fiery disposition. Although your skin tone may play a part of your color choices, the natural tints in your hair should also be something you bear in mind.

Celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Sharon Osbourne, Reba McEntyre, Martina McBride, and Julianne Moore have increased the popularity of red hair and made it more appealing than ever!

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Red heads are naturally beautiful although only about 2 percent of the population are actually born with red hair. Even if you weren’t born with red hair, you can 'go for it' with hair color. You can choose from different red hair colors like strawberry, brilliant red, orange red, copper, chestnut, mahogany, and auburn.

Regardless of the red hair color you choose for yourself (or were born with), your makeup should not overwhelm your skin tone. Makeup colors for redheads should also enhance your facial features and reflect your vibrant personality and hair!

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Makeup Colors for Redheads


Light - If your hair color and your skin tone are both light or fair, you need to be really picky about your foundation colors. Any foundation that adds color to a porcelain face is tricky. If your face is mostly blemish-free, even with a few freckles you can get away with a sheer light coverage.

Dark - If your hair is a dark red color like auburn, this will naturally add redness to your complexion and may make your skin look flushed. To detract from the color reflection, make sure your foundation is as close to your skin tone as possible. Buff or tan shades are good choices if your skin tone is slightly darker.

Lashes and Brows

Light - Most of the time, if your hair color is on the light side, so are your brows and lashes. (although they maybe a light brown instead of red...) If you feel self conscious because they aren't exactly visible, use an ecru or hazel brown pencil to fill them in. If your brows are dark, they shouldn't need any help. When it comes to makeup, don't sweat the small stuff.

If lashes are sparse, you may need to build them up. If they're too light, use a tawny brown or true brown mascara to enhance them. If you're going formal, black mascara can make lashes stand out but to heir on the side of caution, use a sable black color instead of a deep black.

Dark - If brows are darker and look deep brown or red, you've got it made in the shade. You can always enhance them with a dusky brown colored pencil but it really isn't necessary.

To elongate lashes, apply more than one coat of a dark chestnut brown mascara to give them more oomph. Since pink looks fantastic with red, you might consider using a pink mascara to give your lashes a funky appeal. If you're super bubbled up, use a charcoal black to extend your mood.

Shadows and Liners

Light - For fair complexions, try shadows in floral soft pinks, gentle khaki greens, apricot or salmon oranges, and sepia or beige browns. Use deeper shades to contrast along lid creases to warm up your color.

Use liners in some of the same colors but use slightly more vibrant shades to flaunt your style. Remember, sometimes less is more!

Dark - For darker toned faces, try setting the stage for your lashes with striking eyeshadows. Options are endless but some suggestions might be burnished coppers and oranges, forest greens, flamingo pinks, and mahogany, cinnamon, or russet browns. Use lighter shades along the brow bones to offset the darker colors.

Use liners that blend into your shadows naturally or use brazen darker colors to make lines stand out. Let your personal preferences be your rule of thumb.

For Cheekbones

Light - Blushes should always light up your face but blend into your natural complexion, especially if you have sallow skin. Peachy or mellow pinks or orangey-brown bronzers are good selections to try.

Dark - Although your complexion may be darker, never let your blush overpower your face. Instead, use them as an extension of your foundation. Coral or rose pink blushes and pecan or gingery-brown bronzers are often enough to exaggerate your cheeks.

Lip Colors

Light - Most of the time, using lip glosses are the best way to draw attention to your soft-colored lips. If you opt for lipsticks, choose natural colors in creamy blush pinks or delicate tangerine oranges.

Dark - Make your lips poptastic by adding blazing colors in hotpinks or velvety wine, russet, maroon, burgundy, or fuchsia reds. Vivid brown colors can be good choices too. Just be sure they blend well into lips without looking too gaudy.

It's not hard to be flexible with makeup colors for redheads. You can continue the colors you see in your hair to your face with ease, most of the time! Make the colors you choose be as flamboyant and delightful as you are to be around!

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