Makeup Colors for Hazel Eyes

Makeup colors for hazel eyes are the most versatile of all the eye color groups. This is because your eye color can change like a chameleon. So cool!

Your eye color is dependent on your mood and the different shades of clothes you wear. Your environment or surroundings may also influence their color throughout the day.

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Because your eye color changes, you have a wide variety of makeup colors you can wear and pull off! All you have to do is change the color makeup you wear, to reflect your present eye color, mood, and clothing.

If you’re wearing a brown shirt for example, you may find your eye color is brown too. On the other hand, feeling angry or feisty might change your eyes to green. Feeling frisky and playful may change them to blue or gray. The makeup colors for hazel eyes you choose, are all so dependent on you!

Makeup colors for hazel eyes are a mish-mosh of all the makeup colors for brown, green, and blue eyes. The color choices you have available to you are vast. Just about any color goes for your hazel eyes!

A good way to decide on makeup colors for hazel eyes, is to use the colors you already have within your eyes. These colors help accentuate your eyes and blend well with the tone and type of complexion you have. Use them! If you're still a bit confused about choosing the right colors, get help here. If you don't know your complexion color, get help here.

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Makeup for Hazel Eyes

  • Makeup for hazel eyes should start with a base coat of a neutral or matte eyeshadow color over the entire eyelid. This will start your makeup colors for hazel eyes. If you want to keep your shadows in place longer, use an primer especially made for shadows. These help keep bright colors bright and subtle colors subtle. They are a must have for makeup diva's or if your makeup wears out before you do!

    Base colors can vary, depending on the tone of your skin, your age, and your mood. Darker shades work well if you have a darker complexion as do many of the brighter shades. This is not necessarily true for women with lighter complexions though, so keep that in mind.

  • Connect your shadow colors by applying a darker shade of eyeshadow where your eyelid meets the bottom of your brow bone. A darker, sensual shade is used and blended into the base color and intensifies eye color and adds mystery.

    When you choose make up for hazel eyes, you should try to fit your makeup to match your present eye color. The colors you'd choose for blue eyes, will vary from the colors you'd choose when your eyes are brown. Many eyeshadow's come as in color blends that are specifically designated for your eye color. These are great because they're color combination's that give you all the colors you'll need.

  • A softer color is used on the bone of the brow to wake up your eyes. Any lighter color will be a good choice if it helps pull your makeup together.

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  • Eyeliner helps define your eyes and provides even more depth. Eyeliners can be applied to the inner rim or just along lash lines. To make your eyes pop even more, alternate darker and lighter eyeliner shades. It works like magic to brighten up your eyes (and your entire face) and makes you look wide awake, even if you're low on energy.

    Black liners are great, but blue and green liners act as a contrast or a compliment to your eye color. Purple liners come in a wide variety of shades and look fantastic on just about every eye color. For a change of pace, break them out when you're feeling especially playful. Different liner colors can help create different moods, so use them to reflect your own eye personality.

  • Mascara is used to accent all eye colors. Most women, (regardless of eye color), use black. Black defines your eyes and gives length and fullness to sparse lashes. Choose either a heavy or light application. If you use more than one coat of mascara, be careful of clumping.

    The time of day should help you choose how much makeup you wear. Dark brown mascara is an awesome choice, especially if your eyes stay brown most of the time. However, don't get stuck on just the basics. For a twist, try a high gloss mascara or a different colored mascara on the tips of your lashes.

    If you're feeling a bit crazy, you might also try a pink mascara! Don't be afraid to mix and match in your makeup colors for hazel eyes.

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    Popular Makeup Colors for Hazel Eyes

    When your eyes are green, try these colors.

  • Golden Yellow, Bronze
  • Nutmeg Brown, Sunflower Yellow
  • Mango, Peachy Brown, Desert Sand, Amber
  • Electric Purple, Burgundy, Violet, Posh Pink
  • Bold, Light, or Leafy Green shades

    When your eyes are blue, try these colors.

  • Flamingo Pink, Soft Rose, Egyptian Plum
  • Soft Gray, Shimmery Copper or Silver
  • Ocean Blue, Cornflower Blue, True Turquoise
  • Charcoal, Ebony, Brown

    When your eyes are brown, try these colors

  • Sienna, Driftwood, and Espresso Brown, Oatmeal
  • Sky Gray, Charcoal black
  • Olive, Forest, Sea Green
  • Copper, Shimmering Gold, Tangerine
  • Passionflower Purple, Brilliant Blue

    The best way to get makeup colors for hazel eyes right, is by testing MANY different colors. Of course, one of the best things about having hazel eyes is that they change colors regularly. Its a good idea (for the days it matters most), to select your makeup colors based on the colors of the clothes you wear that day. Most of the time, your majestic hazel eyes reflect the colors that surround them! Lucky you!

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