Makeup Colors for Brown Eyes

Selecting makeup colors for brown eyes is super easy because brown goes great with just about everything! The biggest advantage you have is that you'll always have lots of colors to choose from, which can perpetually work in your favor!

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Brown eyes look good with just about every color in the rainbow. Your facial skin color should also help you decide which colors you can and can’t successfully wear. You can create different effects just by varying color shades and tones. Subtle splashes of the right eye colors can make your eyes shine like a star!

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Makeup Colors for Brown Eyes

Makeup colors for brown eyes have no set limits. Since there are a wide variety of brown tones to choose from, it only makes sense to choose from the colors you already have within your eyes.

When you choose colors correctly, your eyes will draw immediate and positive reactions. However, make mistakes with your makeup and you could get attention for all the wrong reasons. It's all in the details ladies! That's why it's key to show due diligence when you shop!

Makeup colors for brown eyes does vary. Remember to use complimentary colors so your makeup doesn't look dull and boring! Before you start any application of makeup, you need to know your skin tone. That really helps get you going!

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  • Different tones of pinks, greens, blues, and all shades of browns can offset other makeup shades (like lip colors) and help pull your look together.

    Shades of brown can include: cinnaberry, tweed, caramel, tan, acorn, hickory, milk chocolate, bear hug, cocoa infusion, brunette, almond, sandy brown and taupe.

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  • For a twist, try eyeliner shades in bright yellows, lime greens, pearl whites, glazed golds.

  • Black mascara is the gold standard of any eye color, but especially brown eyes. A silky or polished black mascara (yummy!) makes your eyes look stunning. Of course, dark brown mascaras work extremely well for brown eyes and is complimentary but green or blue mascara can also work.

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    Popular Color Choices for Brown Eyes

  • Brown, mocha, beige, tan, chocolate, amber
  • Gray, charcoal, shimmery light gray
  • Khaki, olive green, hunter green, deep sea green, emerald green
  • Bronze, gold
  • Purple, lavender, pink, rose, blue, turquoise blue, turquoise green

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    Some darker mustard yellows are good eyeshadow colors for brown eyes but vomit yellow (for example) would NOT be a good choice! Be selective! You just have to play around with the colors you use. I have brown eyes and like the way pink or rose looks with my dark complexion, but some women with brown eyes don’t wear pink well. This is especially if you’ve got yellow undertones in your complexion. Pinks work well for me because I have more of an olive complexion.

    Since your big brown eyes look great with many shades, think outside the makeup box more often! The art of makeup application should not become a chore for you! Makeup colors for brown eyes is no exception!

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    The Best Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes

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