Makeup Colors for Blondes

Makeup colors for blondes should contain subtle hues that accentuate your skin tone and flatter your light hair simultaneously. Whether your hair is natural or not, shouldn't make a difference in the choices you make.

What is important is that your makeup should always help you feel more confident and dynamic. That's just part of the awesome power of color!

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Most women who are natural blondes have fair skin but there are some Scandinavian women who have darker skin too. It's all about how you use makeup to tie your hair colors into your complexion.

Many blondes have different golden highlights throughout their hair but if your hair is platinum blonde, it may not have highlights at all. Explore some of the makeup colors for blondes you should make according to your hair color and skin tone.

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Makeup Colors for Blondes

Foundation Colors

Light - Your foundation makeup should match your skin tone without flaw. If you'd like to add a bit of color, try one shade darker than your natural skin but never stray too far away from it. Tinted moisturizers are also a good idea because they add color without overwhelming your skin. Use ivory or lighter tan-colored foundations that are a closer match to your true skin tone.

Dark - Your foundation makeup should always enhance your skin tone, not create a new one. Since you have naturally darker skin, you won't need as much coverage anyway, unless you have areas you'd like to disguise. Taupe or fawn shades should complement your skin naturally.

Lashes and Brow Colors

Light - If you have fair skin, your brows and lashes are typically lighter too and may be sparse. You might want to use a colorless mascara to help elongate your lashes or use an eyelash curler before application. If your eyelashes are on the skinny side, think about using falsies or use products that help build longer lashes.

Use subdued or dusky brown mascaras and eyebrow pencils so your makeup always looks organic. Save the ebony colors for special dates when you want to draw attention. Choose other mascara colors if you never settle for the ordinary. There's a wide variety of choices on the market so you'll never get bored!

Dark - Because of your slightly darker hair color, you can get away with bolder mascara colors. Sooty blacks are a must have choice, but other colors can work well too. Chocolate browns look fantastic as do deep blues, sea greens, and popping purples.

As for your brows, stick with an exact shade. Walnut brown brow colors are good for playing it safe... and ebony might look too stark. That's why it's always good to stay close to your natural brow colors.

Eyeliners and Shadows

Light - Think soft, as these colors will give you the best color return. Try lavenders, charcoal grays, sky blues, baby pinks, light peaches, and grassy greens in gentle shadow shades. Use medium dark colors along eyelid creases and smudge to blend. Foxy browns, shimmery golds, or heather gray liners can help separate softer shadow colors.

Dark - Because you’ve got naturally darker skin, vibrant eyeshadow colors will help light up your complexion. Try earthy tones in leafy greens, urban yellows, chestnut browns, or even russet orange's. Liner choices can be the same shade as shadow colors or use other bold colors to create makeup drama.

Blush Colors

Light - Blush colors should remain feminine too. Use peaches, pinks, and lighter suntan bronzers to add warmth to your pale cheeks. Apply them along facial structures, then blend them like crazy.

Dark - Blush colors can be a bit bolder but you still need to remember to stick with the colors that suit your skin. Shades of petal rose, carroty peach, or even gilded gold bronzers look stunning with your glowing complexion.

Lip Colors

Light - Muted shades of pink and pale browns will always look best but even lighter coppery lipsticks can look fantastic too. True red lipsticks look formal and seductive if you're feeling frisky. However, softer lip colors always warm up your fair skin tone.

Dark - Neutral colors look smart but you can use brighter shades of fuchsia pinks, golden browns, and even cantaloupe oranges. Because of your light blonde hair, you can also opt for medium shades in softer colors.

Whatever makeup colors for blondes you choose, don't forget to offset the colors you already have to work with. Your makeup doesn't need to be obvious or bold for you to look incredibly gorgeous.

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