Best Make Up Tips for Everyday Wear!

Who can resist knowing more make up tips! They say that women wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time, and 80% of their clothes 20% of the time.

Isn't it the same though, for the makeup you own?

Its a good lesson to keep the make up you wear a lot close by but don't throw away things you never use immediately. You never know when you might find a great way to use the other 80% you don't use as much!

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Of course, if you makeup goes rancid, throw it away. You can get bacterial infections like pink eye. This is especially true of mascara, so keep track of purchase dates!

Make up tips really come in handy. Every woman should have a few easy and useful make up tips tucked under her hat!

Best Make Up Tips

  • To make your eyes look larger, dab a bit of light shimmer eye shadow near the inner corners of your eyes.

  • To make your eyes look more dramatic, add an extra coat of mascara.

  • Eyebrows are an important feature so keep them shaped and groomed. Use black eye shadows or powders instead of pencils so the color won't look too harsh.

  • Rosy or pink colors on your cheeks make you look more fresh and friendly.

  • To prevent lipstick from bleeding, use a lip liner or a concealer around your lips. Both of these fill in the lines around the lips and help to create a smoother lipstick application. If you use a lip liner, its best to use the lightest shade you can find. (nude, pinks...)

  • If you don't like heavy foundations, but still want an even skin tone, try tinted moisturizers instead. They protect from UV rays and have sheer coverage.

  • To make your eyes POP, use eye shadows in contrasting colors.

    Example: BLUE eyes - use taupe, browns. HAZEL eyes - use blacks, dark browns. BROWN eyes - use purples, lavenders.

  • Brush a little shimmer highlighting powder on each cheekbone to make them glow.

  • Vaseline is the great eye makeup remover and great for chapped or dry lips.

  • Lemon juice is good for cuticles, unless you have a cut.

  • One of the best inexpensive moisturizing lotions is Palmers Coco Butter. It is better than a water based lotion and it keeps your skin feeling hydrated all day.

  • If you heat up your eyelash curler for a couple seconds with a hot hairdryer it will curl your lashes easier and keep them curled longer. Just don't get it too hot and then burn your eyelids!

  • Brown liner is appropriate for day, black for night always, as well as highlighting shadows on the brow bones, inside corners of the eye, and sometimes the cheeks for more illumination.

  • Add a small amount of glitter on your brow bones or on your cheeks for instant pizazz!

  • If you need your makeup to stay put, use makeup primer before you apply makeup!

  • Apply mascara to your bottom lashes first so when you do the top lashes, there won’t be residue from looking up.

  • A trick that works for everyone is to place a dab of a white highlighting eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyes. It's an instant eye booster and works for everyone!

  • If you haven't tried lossy mascara yet, you should. High gloss attracts attention and opens your eyes! Apply several coats for the best results.

  • Of course, one of the best new mascara's on the market are fiber lash mascara's. They really plump your lashes and make them look full and natural, without clumping!

  • Light colors open your eyes, while dark colors will cause your eyes to recede.

  • Keep a bottle of cinnamon oil in your purse to plump up your lips.

  • If you have a hard time keeping your eyebrow shape, use eyebrow stencils to help guide you.

  • If you have very light skin, avoid overly dark makeup shades. Alternately, women with dark skin should avoid overly soft makeup colors.

  • Don't overdo shimmer makeup. Just a hint can draw attraction quickly but overdo it and it will bring attention to imperfections and wrinkles.

  • The eye area is the first to show age so don’t tug on the skin around your eyes. Treat the skin around your eyes with gentle loving care and you'll keep wrinkles away!

  • Use a white eyeliner to line the top lids instead of black. Most women get used to black to line their eyes, but white liner will really make your eyes pop!

  • Use clear mascara on your lashes first, to separate lashes. Then apply several coats of your favorite mascara, allowing it to completely dry between applications.

  • If you want to cover skin imperfections completely, use Dermablend Cover Creme.

  • Try glitter eyeliner or shadows to add sparkle to your eyes.

  • Use peel off eyeshadows for a flair of colors when you're stuck in a rut!

  • Purchase makeup kits if you're on a strict budget! You can also buy your makeup from E.L.F. ! Their makeup rocks and is always a bargain!

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