Is Using Make Up Remover Necessity or Splurge?

Do you really need a make up remover or can ordinary soap and water work just as well? What's the best way to take off makeup?

It really depends on your skin type, the make up you use, and the way you generally treat your skin.

Do you really take time with your skin daily and treat it delicately? These two factors are very important when it comes to skin care!

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To clean the makeup off your face, you don't really need makeup removers if you don't have money for the added expense. They are certainly fine to use if they fit into your budget, however!

If you’re on a budget (like I am) and have to pick and choose which products you buy for yourself, then check out these alternative make up remover tips.

Make Up Remover Alternatives

  • Use Puff's Plus Kleenex to help you remove eye makeup. Not only do they work great, they're much more affordable than any eye make up remover! The aloe in the Puff's Plus helps keep the integrity of the wet kleenex. No falling apart on you unless you handle it really roughly!

    You can also use baby wipes. (Buy the unscented kind so the smell won't overwhelm you!) To save money, use generic brands and buy them in bundles so you save even more. Either one is perfectly fine to use and works great!

  • To remove makeup and clean the rest of your face and neck, use glycerin based bar soaps. Bar soaps work great and will last you a lot longer than any liquid soap you can buy. Your face will feel smooth, soft, clean and fresh!!

    In a pinch, if you have oily skin, you can use the antibacterial hand soaps that you have on hand. It removes oils, kills bacteria on your skin, and cleans well. I remember when I was growing up, that many times my mom used plain Ivory bar soap to wash her hair. She had short, virgin hair so she could get away with it! She just used what she had on hand sometimes and made do. I learned that from her and it's more sensible to sometimes just use what you've got!

  • Use baby oil, coconut oil, or vaseline to remove any hard to remove makeup like mascara. This is especially true of waterproof makeup.

    To use oils, simply apply a small amount to a wash cloth or a cotton ball. With your eyes closed, gently rub oils downward over your eyelids and lashes. Follow up with a moist wash cloth or a Puff's Plus tissue. To remove residual oils, use warm soapy water.

    Baby oil is cheap to buy, will last a long time, and is gentle on your skin. They make a creamy baby oil too, which works extremely well. It's gentle on your skin, and won't irritate your eyes. (It is made for babies you know.)

    To use vaseline, simply warm up a small amount in your fingertips, and apply it to your eyes. Then very gently wipe it off with a Puffs Plus Kleenex. Voila!

  • You can also use cold creams to remove makeup. They are a bit messy but work very well! It's so great to have so many inexpensive choices besides make up removers that work!

    Remember, when you clean makeup off around your delicate eyes, be sure to wipe it off from the outer corner down underneath your eye to the inner corner. Never go the opposite direction as you'll cause wrinkles!

    After you remove your makeup, always, tone your skin. Toners help remove the rest of the dirt or makeup that you might miss with ordinary soap and water.

    Toners not only help clean your face but they also help shrink pores, deep clean pores, promote regeneration of new skin cells, and help maintain the natural pH balance of your skin.

    Do you really need a make up remover? Its certainly a choice every woman has to make. However, its nice to know that when money is tight, there are alternate products you can use that cost a lot less!

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