How to Use Make Up Primer - So Your Makeup Lasts Longer Than You Do!

Make up primer is a great way to prepare your face for makeup, especially as you grow older. Aging skin tends to wrinkle, darken, sag, and bag more often, which means you’ll need help in keeping your makeup in place.

Primers create a smooth canvas on your skin, which enables your palette colors to stay put.

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Primers have come a long way. In days past, they were not even available and if you could find them, the product was rudimentary at best. Now a wide array of primer products exist for your makeup convenience. Not only will they better prepare your face for makeup, they help the makeup you put on stay in place longer. That's really important because over the course of a regular day, your makeup colors can fade. Primers help keep it looking fresh and alluring all day long and into the night! Wished they'd been available back in the days I was first applying makeup!

Primers work by filling in fine lines and by giving your makeup something to adhere to. If you’ve ever used ridge fillers for your fingernails, you understand the concept. Fill in the ridges and smooth out the nail before you apply polish. That’s exactly what primers do for your skin and your makeup.

Besides filling in lines, make up primer also helps to fill in large pores that can also cause creasing in makeup application. As you age, your skin naturally spreads out and your pores appear larger. Primers also give your makeup better coverage which helps you better conceal enlarged pores and other imperfections. Lines around your mouth, brow lines, and forehead lines especially benefit by using them. Many aging women now rely on primers and include them in their daily makeup routine.

Makeup is one of the most common methods people use to add definition and color to their physical beauty, but the primer part of the process may be the most important. This preparation step can help wrinkled skin, dark skin, and even sagging skin. Ways to prep the skin for makeup application range from common creams and gels to a wide assortment of photo facial machines.

Before Make Up Primer

Before applying any makeup or primer, you must always prepare your skin. Always wash your face with a mild facial soap and pat dry. If you have large pores, use a toner with a mild acid to help close them. Apply a facial lotion and wait at least 10 minutes, or until your facial skin feels smooth and dry. Then apply your primer in a thin layer all over your facial skin.

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How to Apply Make Up Primer

A primer should be applied after your moisturizer but before foundations if you use one. When you apply makeup primer before foundations, your makeup should last longer and shouldn't rub off or smear. If it does, your primer didn't do it's job so try another brand!

For the best application, wet a (triangular) makeup sponge and wring it out till its just moist. Add a small amount of primer to the back of your hand to help heat it up. This allows better coverage. Dab your sponge in the primer and 'dot' apply all over your face, paying special attention to areas where you want the most coverage. (i.e. wrinkles, lines, large pores, scars, etc.) Be sure to smooth out primers with your sponge as you go. You can also apply primers with your fingertips but application won't look as fluid.

It's essential to let it sink in for a few minutes to allow it to penetrate into your skin. You may also choose to apply primer with your fingertips to the areas where your makeup doesn’t last a long time, like your chin, tip of your nose, around the lips, cheeks, or eyelids. You can also use eyeshadow primer, just for your eyes. This is especially good for older ladies who have a harder time keeping eyeshadow in place. Those creases will try your last nerve!

Makeup Primer Ingredients

Makeup primer contains waxes, polymers, and/or silicones. These ingredients form a bond with other cosmetics, which gives them more longevity. For example, lip primers can keep lip colors fresher longer, and stop the feathering and/or bleeding of lipsticks. Makeup primer used on the eyelids can keep eye shadows from collecting in creases. When you use a primer under foundation, it often takes less foundation to get the same good coverage, so you’ll save some money by using them!

Primers are oil free and fragrance-free and are usually a gel-type formula, which allows an even and precise application. They work especially well with oily and/or combination skin as they reduce excess shine and absorb oils. Makeup primers also work well for dry and sensitive skin as it nourishes and protects your skin and calms minor skin inflammations.

Women who have facial scars may also find make up primer to be essential, especially for scars that have creases. When you have heavy creases in your skin, makeup can actually draw attention to facial scars, by collecting in the creases. Primers temporarily pad them and level the crease, which leaves an even surface. Add a touch of pre-warmed concealer to the area, and cover with foundation to completely hide it.

Primers also come in a variety of tints you match to your complexion, color correcting shades, or they can be transparent. Tinted make up primer can help cover subtle age spots or skin discolorations. If you opt to use foundation over primer, use a clear make up primer. Some women even prefer to bypass foundation completely and only use tinted makeup primers.

If you have contact dermatitis, allergies, or milia, (tiny cysts under your eyes), then do not use primers. If you are someone with a flawless complexion, you are extremely fortunate and considered to be in the minority. You don’t actually need to use one, but may also benefit from using one. I really don’t know one woman who wouldn't love to have better looking skin.

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Benefits of Makeup Primers

  • Smooths the skins surface.
  • Evens out skin tone.
  • Creates a perfect surface for your makeup.
  • Disguises skin flaws and imperfections.
  • Pampers and nourishes your skin.
  • Creates a protective base for longer-lasting foundation.
  • Reduces redness and inflammation.
  • Moisturizes your skin and keep it hydrated all day long.
  • Stop oil and shine.
  • Works especially well for those with oily skin by reducing excess shine on the forehead, nose, and chin.
  • Protects your skin from harmful UV rays and some primers have a sunscreen and SPF 15 or more.
  • Create a perfect makeup base.
  • Fill in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Diminishes enlarged pores.
  • Keep cosmetics out of the pores.
  • Doesn't clog pores.
  • Allows foundations to go on smoother.
  • Allows your skin to breathe normally as they don’t clog the pores.
  • Makeup glides on smoothly and blends easily.

    Revlon PhotoReady Primer was the first color correcting make up primer I've tried and works like a pro! Another of the newest primers on the market is L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base Primer. This is what a recent review of the product stated:

    This product goes on so easy and makes my face feel awesome. My makeup goes on easily over the primer and stays on all day. The best review is when someone I knew hadn't seen me for a couple of months told me my face looked brighter and I looked great. The only thing I had changed was using this product.

    You can never go wrong with Too Faced Makeup Primer either. I can't wait to try them all! You can also find makeup with built in primers, like Cover Girl Smoky Shadow Blast.

    Using a make up primer is one of the best ways to make your makeup stay on longer and help you feel great by having amazing looking skin. Primers are a must-have makeup accessory for today's woman!

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