Make Up Application Ideas for
Light Hair

The color you use in make up application may depend on what color hair you have. Make up should compliment your skin tone and your hair color. You can create very different effects using a unique blend of makeup colors.

Different colors can set your mood and help create either a natural look or a sophisticated look. You can create very different appearances just by using the right color makeup. These are a few ideas to try.

Make Up Application Ideas for Light Hair

Neutral Colors for a Natural Look

What You’ll Need

  • Bright Green Eyeshadow, Pearly Olive Green Eyeshadow, Pale Yellow Eyeshadow
  • Golden Blush
  • Bold Terra Cotta Liner, or Pink Liner
  • Pale Terra Cotta Lipstick, or Light Pink Lipstick


    Apply foundation and brush on the golden blusher. Cover the entire eye from lash to brow with the pearly olive green eyeshadow. Brush the bright green shadow on the lid and under the lower lashes. Highlight the brow with a pale yellow eyeshadow. (Hint - Make sure the yellow color you choose blends well with your skin tone!) Line the lips with the bold terra cotta lip liner and fill in with pale terra cotta lipstick.

    The Look

    A blend of green, brown, and yellow shadows creates a natural look that suits a light tan. Pale terra cotta lips and light golden blusher balance the strong eyeshadow shades. Apply a brown mascara and a pale green nail polish for a complete look.

    makeup for light hair image

    Pinks That Create a Girly, Stylish Look

    What You’ll Need

  • Dark Pink Blush
  • Pale Pink Eyeshadow, dark rose pink eyeshadow
  • Dark Pink Lip Liner
  • Bright Hot Pink Lipstick


    Apply foundation and brush strong pink blusher to the cheeks. Use the pale pink pearl eyeshadow on the entire eye from lash to brow and a dark rose pink shadow on the lids and below the lower lashes. Outline the lips with the dark pink lip liner and brush on two coats of the bright pink lipstick.

    The Look

    Pinks provide the smart sophisticated lady with the focus on the lips. The strong lips are accented by the pearly shades of pink used around the eyes. Finish the look with brown mascara and a pale pink nail polish. Add a second coat of glitter polish for a shimmery look.

    pink makeup image

    You can create different looks that seemlessly coordinate with your skin tone and your hair color. Make up application can be fun if you use your imagination and combine similar colors together.

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