How to Lose Weight – 13 Ways to Shed More Pounds this Year!

If you want to lose weight, you absolutely must pay attention to your eating habits! Over time, its easy to get caught up in daily living and lose track of the foods you consume in a day. Moreover, the more weight you gain each year, the harder it becomes to take it back off! Getting older does have its flaws!

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Healthy living habits are the BIG KEYS to losing weight the right way. Short cuts may get you a few steps ahead initially, but they usually backfire. You may end up gaining the weight back that you lost and possibly more!

If you aren't serious and can’t commit to a healthier lifestyle, then don’t try. Commitment is the first step and is 'most important' when it comes to weight loss! Here's the thing...

People tend to make changes in life when they become important enough. If it's not important enough then things don't or won't change.

Obesity is simply out of control in America. Our society has given into the chemical craze... which only created an easy way to get our hands on food fast! It's almost as though the powers that be want us to be unhealthy. Ever considered that? You should, because it's probably true!

Add to that, the words 'weight loss' and 'diet' make most people nervous. They envision heavy exercise programs, giving up favorite foods, or having to pop pills or fix fancy meals that cost a fortune. However, it doesn't have to be that way!

People think that you have to 'give up' and 'give in' in order to lose weight but honestly, most people overlook the obvious. We become so busy running around looking for weight loss answers that we sometimes fail to see simpler solutions! If you follow sensible and practical 'rules of thumb', you can shed pounds!

13+ Ways to Lose Weight This Year

  • Try going naked! Here's a delicious tomato sandwich that everyone can sink their teeth into! Can you figure out what's missing?

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  • Front load your calories by making breakfast the biggest meal of the day, then cut back on food consumption the rest of the day. According to The Obesity Journal, people who front load their food lose twice as much weight as people who eat a light breakfast and end the day with a big dinner. Why?

    Because your metabolism is highest in the morning, so you're more likely to burn more of those calories faster. Plus, as the day wears on, calorie-burning slows down later in the day, which means that a big dinner will turn into fat.

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  • Do you know which type blood you have? Did you know it’s vital to know if you want to lose weight long term? Find out why here.

  • Smoothies, made with fresh ingredients, are one of the easiest ways to get rid of excess baggage! The more you blend, the more weight just falls off! Reason? Once you start consuming fresh ingredients, you will have less desire for pre-packaged foods!

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  • Calories can add up quickly so be prepared to make a few trade-offs along the way. Kiwi slices and honeydew chunks make great snacks and are much better than chips made with GMO oil. You'll still feel satiated but you'll save a ton of calories!

  • The more legumes and grains you consume, the easier it will be to stay full and still lose weight. For example, whole grain rice has much more gusto than white rice! These types of fat-blocking foods are also much easier to digest and assimilate by your body.

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  • I recently saw my neighbor at the store and he had a boat load of after-holiday candy in his cart. I asked him about it and he said he was a candy fiend! I was like Huh? Nobody needs that amount of candy! Too boot, his wife is a nurse so that perplexed me! Keeping a lid on fat-laden goodies is especially important if you’re trying to losing weight!

  • Ever tried pineapple mint water? How bout watermelon and rosemary water? Incorporating low fat/calorie foods and herbs into your drinking water can break the dull-drums and help you get your weight back on track!

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  • Some foods help speed up digestion and burn calories faster. Find them here.

  • Instead of fat-laden desserts, treat yourself to an Italian ice instead. What are they? Italian ice (also known as water ice), is a sweetened frozen dessert made with fruit, juices or purées. They have fewer calories than sugar-packed desserts and are a fantastic option for anyone with a sweet tooth!

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  • If you like to munch while you’re watching sports, prepare homemade chili's or spaghetti instead of greasy snacks. Hopefully, you'll fill up faster and be less tempted to overdo it.

  • A fresh breath will help take food off your mind! Rinse your mouth regularly with mouthwash to help quell your desires for convenience foods.

  • This is a great tip I just learned, which makes it easy to lose weight the right way.

    Get out a sheet of paper and make three columns. At the top of the columns write the words, Usually, Sometimes, and Rarely

    Under each column, make a list of the foods YOU EAT regularly and place them into the corresponding category. Then take a good hard look at what you're eating! If you notice more fattening foods in the usually column, you'll need to make another list.

    Now get out another clean sheet of paper and write down the columns again. Make sure you include plenty of the fruits and veggies you love in the 'usually' column, and eliminate the foods that aren't good for you (according to how fattening they are) into the other two columns.

    Trash the first list and post the second list where you're sure to HAVE to look at it regularly, like in the kitchen! Stock up with lots of foods from the 'usually' column next time you shop! Remember that small changes you make today can bring big results later!

    Keep the weight off year after year when you are committed to a certain weight and a healthy lifestyle. Don’t differentiate from it very often.

    You know the kind of food I'm talking about too... healthy, nutritious, wholesome food with just a sprinkle of candy, cake, or ice cream occasionally!

    If you just make better choices for yourself and your family, you too will be able to lose the extra weight and keep it off for good.

    Creating good habits for you becomes a breeze!

    cheeseburger image You might think that this burger is fattening!

    But is it?

    Its got lots of fresh vegetables, the burger is thin and the cheese is properly portioned! Its mostly All Good! Give up one of those buns and it's a wholesome meal! Add pickles and you've turned up your metabolism!

    Exchange mayonnaise for mustard and you've just cut calories! It really isn't as hard as you might think! You simply don’t have to give up all the foods you love! If anyone tries to tell you that you do, they're dead wrong! You don’t have to sacrifice a lot in order to follow a sensible eating plan. You can create healthy habits eating the foods you naturally eat! Healthy foods don't taste bad. This stereotype has been around far too long! They actually satiate the appetite, instead!

    In the long run, there are no quick fixes to lose weight. It takes self control mixed with a plethora of weight-friendly foods, that fill you up, not out! In time, what seemed to be so hard, now becomes easy! A new healthier and more beautiful you is allowed to emerge!

    The most important 'rule of thumb' is this:

    Nothing in excess is good for you!

    That pertains to most anything you do in life, but is especially true when it comes to weight! Some people call it 'portion control'. I like to call it using good common sense! The pages linked to 'Lose Weight' are sensible, easy to use tips! Some of it may be stuff you already know, but seeing the information again might help spark a new commitment. With each tip, there are explanations that go along with it, which should help turn some light bulbs on for you.

    The main reason that I have been successful keeping the pounds off of me, is that I have learned what it takes daily to keep it off. If I can do it I am determined that YOU CAN TOO!

    There are some great suggestions and solutions to lose weight on this site if you will just take a bit of time and read about them! In fact, I challenge you to do so!

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