Lose Weight Now - 9 Smart Ways to Trim the Fat

Are you ready to lose weight now? If so, there are many things you can do right this very moment to start trimming the fat and become a healthier person. Maybe you’ve tried diets that didn’t work, or joined gyms that lost their luster over time.

Whatever your reasons for losing the weight battle, the result is always the same. You don’t take off the weight you want to and you end up frustrated and exasperated. Sound familiar?

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There are so many smart ways you can lose weight now AND get back to a healthy lifestyle! You just have to follow the right path. One thing is for sure though! Your body LOVES it when you eat right! And it will reward you by eliminating some of the excesses! It's easy to have slip ups but it's NOT wise to give in too often - especially if your very life hangs in the balance!

Below is a list of things you can do right away to start losing weight now. We all need help every now and then. Sometimes it just takes one person pointing you in the right direction!

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9 Smart Ways to Lose Weight Now

  • Just two 12 ounce regular colas or juice, has roughly 240 calories and 100 grams of sugar. In one week, you've added 1680 calories and 700 grams of sugar just from those two drinks a day. That might not sound like much, but 1680 calories is a full day's worth of calories. You're getting an extra day of calories every week. No wonder you want to lose weight now! In one month, those numbers add up to 7200 calories and 3000 grams of sugar. That’s a lot of extra sugar and calories for just soda or juice!

    Better choices would be diet drinks, unsweetened tea with lemon, infused water, and plain water.

  • It might be easier (after a long day of hard work) to come home and throw a frozen dinner in the microwave. No dishes to do and the meal 'will suffice'! However, most frozen meals are packed with sodium and that's bad! Why is sodium bad? Too much sodium swells you up and makes you retain water. Here's the reason:

    Your body is meant to expel water, through perspiration and urination. The more water you hold onto, the heavier you’ll be. A diet high in sodium also increases your risk for heart disease and has a negative impact on your health in general.

  • Spices are a great way of adding flavor but not adding extra calories. Using spices like curry, cumin, chili, or dried mustard can really help melt off the pounds by raising your body temperature, which speeds up your metabolism. Forgo the thick calorie-laden BBQ sauces and add spices to your meals instead.

  • Carbohydrates are sneaky if you aren't watching them! The danger is not the carbs itself, it’s the type of carb and the other things you consume along with them that makes you gain weight. Think about it. Pizza, doughnuts, and burgers are good examples. Fat by the way, does NOT make you fat but excesses of non-nutritional carbohydrates can and will!

  • Increasing your lean protein can help to speed up the weight loss process. Fatty meats don’t count, such as bacon, sausage, and T bone steak. It’s lean protein that will help you lose weight now. Try boneless chicken breasts, fish, Greek yogurt, and protein-packed organic cereal bars. What's the correct serving size? Four small ounces of protein is all you need at most meals.

  • Eat small amounts of dark chocolate every day. You’ll satisfy your sweet tooth so you’ll be less likely to binge later PLUS you'll get some other benefits as well. Dark chocolate with at least 60 percent cocoa can help to lower your blood pressure and it contains some antioxidants. Just don’t eat too much! Dark chocolate also does have some sugar added.

  • Forgo the second latte or the extra cocktail after work. A cup of café latte at your favorite coffee shop, has around 11.4 grams of carbohydrates per 14 ounce cup and 146 calories. (if you order whole milk). Your favorite mixed drink is floating in calories too. One mixed drink has (roughly) 200 calories. Order two of them per night, and your calories just tipped the scale. Over time, these added carbs and calories will show up in your beltline!

  • Numerous studies have shown that green tea helps to lower calorie consumption. If you don’t like the taste of green tea, you can also buy the supplements. Green tea helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolism - helping you burn an extra 80 calories a day, which adds up to 8 pounds a year. It also helps to reduce food cravings.

  • Soluble fiber is bulk forming and helps move food through your digestive tract. The more you eat, the more efficiently you eliminate other food wastes.

    High fiber foods help fill you up faster too. The more you eat, the quicker your brain tells your tummy that you’re full! The more full you feel, the less likely you’ll be to start splurging after meals.

    There is no magic wand that will help you lose weight now. These are all healthy lifestyle choices that will help you overcome those obstacles that keep impairing your goals.

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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