Lose Belly Fat After Menopause

How to lose belly fat after menopause is a common problem among women. Women who reached the menopausal stage experience major changes in their body, one of which is weight gain. This is because of factors like the decreasing metabolic rate, hormonal changes, diminishing muscle mass and external factors such as retirement, loss of loved one, and kids leaving home. This article aims to provide tips on how to deal with these factors and help you understand how to lose belly fat after menopause.

Decreased metabolic rate

It is true that metabolism slows down as you get older, but you can do something about that if you really want to. Since the mechanism of burning calories works by converting calories or excess body fat to energy, that means by simply increasing your daily physical activities, you are helping your metabolism to speed-up thus compensating the natural deceleration of your metabolism.

Hormonal weight gain

There are three hormones involved in the hormonal weight gain after menopause:

1. Estrogen – estrogen level during menopause naturally decreases since you won’t be getting pregnant anymore. However your body continues to seek estrogen, so it will convert the calories into fat because fat cells can produce estrogen.

2. Androgen – drop in this hormone causes the apple-shaped figure after menopause because it will cause channeling of the unburned calories to wrap around the mid-section.

3. Testosterone - this hormone helps create lean muscles. However, Testosterone level drops during menopause, thus you get decreased muscle mass and increased fat percentage.

To help your body with the inevitable drop hormones, you may eat foods that contain or can increase the level of these hormones: You may eat Apples, Olives, and Rice for estrogen; seaweeds, shellfish, and peas for Androgen, and lean chicken cuts, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts for Testosterone.

External factors

Women who reached the age where they retire from work, or experience the death of their partner, and see children leaving home undergo Erick Erickson’s development stage of Stagnation vs. Generativity. Some women choose stagnation where they feel useless and unproductive. These women usually just stay at home and live a sedentary life, thus gaining weight and gradually this leads to the development of permanent belly fat.

On the other hand, women who chose 'generativity' seek new activities that will make their lives exciting such as engaging into sports that they never tried before, enrolling in dancing classes, or just going out to see the world and have fun with their remaining years. The active lifestyle keeps them in shape and happy even after menopause and above all it minimizes the risk of getting a belly fat.

Gaining fat after menopause is inevitable, but this does not give you an excuse to fit in a size 14. By learning how to lose belly fat after menopause you are not only solving a serious problem that can generate more important health problems but you are improving the quality of your life. You can control the factors that make you gain weight, so do something about it!

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