Quick Long Layered Haircut - A Professional Look in Minutes!

If you are looking for a long layered haircut with ease, these are the cuts for you! With just one or two snips of your shears, you will have a professional look in just minutes. Many people have used these methods successfully so don't be too timid about trying at least one of them. They are listed in order of popularity so you'll know which methods to try first!

I learned the first technique many years ago, but never thought about trying to do it for myself until a few short years ago. Then a lightbulb went on and I said. Hmmm..... What if....

So I tried it and the technique worked great. Since then I've helped a whole lot of women learn a new technique they can use in a snap, to get a great look at home! The techniques work best for hair that's shoulder length or longer.

You really do need a good set of shears to cut your hair. Even the less expensive shears at any superstore or Sally's Beauty Supply store are fine, as long as they're super sharp. Just don't use your packaging shears. You really need better scissors to cut your hair correctly!

You also need to know that when hair is wet, its longer than when it's dry. If you make the cut while it's wet, allow a little more length than you actually want. Hair usually shrinks about 1/4" - 1/2" when it's dry.

Take baby steps if you are unsure about the length. Better to cut too little than too much! Do the steps slowly if you want great results! If you are too nervous, get your mom, neighbor, or a girlfriend to help!

Try this first long layered cut and create the long layers that you want! The second video takes this cut one step further and the third video is not as popular but it still works. If you have curly hair and want to dry cut your hair, you can straighten it first if you like or cut it dry according to the rules created by the Curly Girl.

Method 1

Long Layered Haircut

If you'd like to see it live on Youtube, here's the link.

Method 2

How to Cut Layered Hair

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Method 3

Layered Long Haircut

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