Tips for Long Hairstyles - Chic and Fabulous!

Long hairstyles are always chic, no matter what the newest trends are. Long locks depict elegance and high fashion and are perfect for anyone who has the time to take care of their hair.

Longer strands help weigh your hair down, which means you'll have better control. In some cases, it also provides you with more versatility. Although thick hair has more fluidity than thin hair, both are equally as rewarding if you choose the right style.

long lush hair image

Although long hair is very appealing and beautiful there are some things that you should understand and be prepared for if you choose to grow your hair out.

The longer your hair is, the fewer styles there will be to choose from, but that's only because it gets too heavy to hold a style! This is NOT true of shoulder length hair but either way, there are quite a few things you can do to dress up your long hair!

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Long hairstyles stand out as one of most glamorous and luscious of styles because long tendrils create a great amount of movement. Hair that glides in mysterious directions and sways gently with the breeze is sure to attract wandering eyes. Long hair that shines and looks healthy is always a pleasure to behold. Soft flowering curls or waves make it even more graceful.

The main problem most people have with thick hair is that it’s a lot harder to maintain. It takes FOREVER to dry unless you use a blow dryer. The more you use one though, the drier it gets. There's a fine balance between hair that's properly hydrated and hair that's been compromised.

Shoulder length styles work well for most people because hair is still considered long, but has more style versatility.

Caring for Long Hairstyles

Keep long hair neat and smooth. Using natural bristled brushes can really help prevent breakage and damage to your hair. Don’t brush too much though, which can cause the hair shaft to breakdown and break off.

Use shampoos that are especially formulated for long hairstyles and conditioners that provide lots of creamy moisture. Look at the products you buy more often. Make sure they're thick and shiny, which means they've got more emulsifying ingredients. Your products should always lock in shine and promote easy manageability. If not, ditch 'em! With the large assortment on the market today, you're sure to strike gold eventually!

Long hairstyles require LOTS and LOTS of extra moisture. Help improve your hair's behavior, elasticity, and sheen by using oils you already have on hand. Other great oils to use regularly are avocado, macadamia, and Moroccan oil. Look for them in the products you choose or add them to what you've got.

Leave in conditioners can provide more strength to hair that's become weak. Silicone-based products can be good for long hair if they're not overused. Be sure to change up the types of shampoos you use occasionally too. A filmy residue, (that's not apparent to the naked eye), can create a problem for your hair if you don't.

There are not a lot of unique styles for longer hair, however, there are quite a few things you can do to dress up your luscious locks!

French braids or long, sleek ponytails are always stylish and can give you a more conservative look. This is especially helpful when you work in an office, you’ve got a big meeting, or you're invited to a formal event such as a wedding.

The variety of hairstyling tools available today can help make styling long hair a lot easier. Ionic and ceramic tools provide less damage to your hair when you use them.

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Tips for Long Hairstyles

(Find Long Hairstyle Images below.)

Blended or choppy layered cuts – Layers really look good with naturally straight or curly hair. Layers add volume and make your hair look thicker! If you like a straight look and you’ve got natural curls, layers will only create more curl for you to straighten. Also, the more layers you have, the more flyaways you will have.

Here are some videos to get you started layering:

V Layer Haircut Your Own Hair in Minutes!.

How to Cut Layered Hair - Quick, Easy, Nice!.

Quick Long Layered Haircut - A Professional Look in Minutes!.

Adding bangs for pizzazz – Bangs are a way to draw attention to the face when you have long hair. This is especially useful when you’ve got a long face shape. Add long tapered side bangs to give definition to the cheekbones or choose bangs that fall just above the eyebrows to draw attention to the eyes. When you add layers to your bangs, you can poof them by teasing them backwards. Set lifted bangs with medium to strong holding hairspray so they don't flop back down. You can also create a layered fringe around your face that adds more flair to long hairstyles.

Accessorize to decorate – Use hair accessories like big bows, colorful scarves, bobby pins, barrettes, or shimmery clips to add to your long hairstyle. You can also add a splash of color to your hair by tucking a large flower behind your ear and securing it with a bobby pin. Use wide headbands to add a zip of color across the top of your head. If you can, match them to your outfit or choose a color that compliments what you’re wearing, even if it’s a contrasting color.

using bobby pins correctly image

Long Lush Curls – Use hot appliances to create soft waves in your hair. Pin or clip a few curled sections throughout the hair to create curls over curls. This looks really cool!

Alternate making spiral curls with wavy curls by positioning your iron or rollers either vertically or horizontally. Both types of curls add volume and dimension to long hairstyles.

If you don’t have time to curl hair in the mornings, then do a French braid on wet hair at night before bed. The next morning, take your hair down and you will have lots of natural curls. .

You can also curl long hairstyles using this easy method.

(Although this video didn't get a lot of attention on youtube, I think it's great cause its so easy! You never know what kinda curls you'll end up with, which means that your style never looks exactly the same!)

Buns are totally IN – You can always make a bun in the back of your hair with or without braiding it first. Secure your bun using hairpins and bobby pins. (Be sure to use the kind that disappear once they’re secure.)

For an added twist, pull your hair back and start to make a ponytail. On the last pull through your hair tie, don’t pull your hair all the way through. This will form a loose bun.

Next pull out a few 1" pieces and bobby pin them into various sections of your hair. Pull out a few strands here and there for added effects.

You can also try this quick and easy double sided bun for a long hairstyles change of pace!

Braiding can be different! – Add a simple ponytail braid or snake braid if you have the time. If you wear a side part, add a big braid to the thicker side of your hair and secure with a small hair tie. Add a colorful ribbon to dress up your look.

Don't know how to braid your hair? Get instructions here.

Glitterization – The simplest way to add style to your hair is to spray on some glitter! Hair glitter adds glitz and glam with the touch of a fingertip. How easy is that?

Crimping is unique! – You can always buy a crimping iron. Personally I love them! Although crimping is very old school, crimped hair still looks lovely today. Crimping makes your hair very shiny fresh and feels SUPER soft to the touch!

Ponytail Ideas for Long Hairstyles

  • Pull your hair back into a high ponytail, centered on the crown of your head. When you pull your hair into a ponytail, make sure you have pulled it back so that that your hair is smooth and not puffed out anywhere. You may need hair gel to smooth stray hairs. You may also need to brush it out several times to get it to lay smoothly. Use your small barrel curling iron to make a few curls in your ponytail. Spray them with a medium hold hairspray to set the curls. Allow to dry and use a pick to pick through them carefully.

  • Separate your ponytail into two (or more) sections, carefully twist each section until it forms a knot. Then bobby pin the hair sections to the back of your head. You can also randomly pull out a few strands if you like or change the positions of the knots. Add a big bow if you're feeling rad!

  • You can also make pig-tails!

  • Use a pretty ribbon or piece of lace, or a strip of leather on your ponytail. Tie whatever you’re using in a knot over your hair tie, then criss-cross the ribbon down your tail.

  • Use ponytail bands, flowers, or cubic zirconia inspired clasps to dress up your ponytail. If you like more of a hippie motif, try things like feathers and beads.

    Images of Long Hairstyles

    long curly waves image
    Long Loose and Tight Curly Waves
    long featherd hairstyle image
    Long Feathered Hairstyle

    loose wavy hairstyle image
    Loose Wavy Hairstyle
    straight long hairstyle image
    Straight Long Two-Toned Hairstyle

    tight spiral curls image
    Tight Spiral Curls
    wild curly hairstyle image
    Wild Pinned Up Curly Hairstyle

    loose tousled curls image
    Loose Tousled Curls
    curly hairstyle image
    Curly Hairstyle

    wide spiral curls image
    Wild Big-Barrel Spiral Curls
    high ponytail image
    Straight, High & Tight Ponytail

    flat iron curls image
    Flat Iron Curls
    formal curly ponytail hairstyle image
    Formal Curly Ponytail

    There are so many ways you can wear your long hair! Just use your imagination. Don't be unrealistic though. Choose long hairstyles that reflect your own personality and are feasible for your own hair type.

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