How to Apply Lipstick and Lip Liner

Lipstick adds the finishing touch to makeup. Lipliner helps outline your lip lines and gives them a neat defined edge.

Used together they can create a uniform appeal that helps emphasize your lips.

Most women concur that if they were stuck on a deserted island and could only have one item of make up, it would definitely be their lipstick!

lipstick image

Lip colors enhance your appearance, even if it's the only makeup you're wearing! Not so true of mascaras, eye shadows, eyeliners, or foundations!

Think of it as coloring in a coloring book. If you outline the picture first then fill in the picture with color, it makes for a much neater looking colored picture.

Lip color also helps CREATE a barrier and PROTECT the lips from the environment. Selecting the correct shade lip color is essential! If you choose the wrong colors, you will look unnatural and unsubtle. The right colors on the other hand, can enhance and unite the rest of your makeup.

You can apply lip colors right out of the tube or brush it on with a lip brush. Lip liners help you apply lipsticks more precisely and keeps lip colors from bleeding.

If you don't know which colors look best on you, then see this page.

CHOOSE colors that blend well together with the rest of your makeup and your clothes.

Lip Colors For Everyday Wear

Apply a lip moisturizer to your lips BEFORE you apply colors. You can also apply a very light touch of your natural foundation to the lips BEFORE you apply lip colors. This helps to give the lip color a base on which to adhere and will make application easier. It also helps to even out the color.

If you’re planning to wear a red lipstick, use a similar color red or burgundy lip liner. If you’re using a pink lip color, use a bright pink or deep pink liner, etc. Your liner should be no more than ONE shade darker than your lipstick color.

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How to Apply Lipstick and Lip Liner

1) Outline your upper lip with lip liner. Begin at the peak of the upper lip on one side. Outline the natural edge of the lips and draw outward to the corner of the mouth. Repeat on the other side of the upper lip.

OR you can start the liner mid lip and work upward towards the peak, then draw downward from the middle to the corner of the mouth. Because I'm right handed, I like to apply from the peak down on the right side. On the left side, its easier for me to go from mid lip up to the peak then down to the corner of the mouth.

But that may not work for you.

Anyway you choose to line lips is fine. Just do what feels comfortable and natural for you!

Draw a very small dot in the middle of and below the 'peaks' of each side, on the natural lip line. Draw a line from each peak to the middle dot. Avoid high or narrow 'peaks' if possible. Make the angle WIDE, not narrow!

(This will help eliminate any sharp edges or angles.)

If you have thin lips and want to create larger lips, draw the line just outside the natural lip line. If your lips are too full, draw the line just inside the natural lip line to slim them down a notch.

2) Outline the lower lip. Draw the line from the corner of the mouth down around the bottom edge of the lips, from one corner to the other.

Again, if you want to create larger lips, then draw the line just outside the natural lip line. If you want to thin the lips, draw the line just inside the lip line.

If you have imperfections in the lines of your lips, which by the way, everyone does!, then apply the liner where the line should be. Always look ahead to where you want to draw the line BEFORE you draw it. This will help you draw the line correctly and fill in the gaps.

OR you can always use the dot method and dot the line first, then draw it in.

3) Apply your lip color. Apply lipsticks with a brush if you’ve used a lip liner. This gives a more professional look.

Simply brush the lipstick with the lip brush and fill in color on the meat of your lips. If you find your lip liner color is too dark, apply a little of your lip color over the lines to soften.

If you don't want to use a brush, just use your lip color right out of the tube. Fill in the area of the lips between the lip liner and the mouth, same as you would if you use a brush.

4) Finishing touches Gently press a tissue over the lips WITHOUT moving it. Remove the tissue. (duh!~) This helps ‘set’ the lip color. You can then apply more lip color for a deeper effect.

5) Create different effects For a matte effect, dust a small amount of translucent loose powder over the lips. For a shiny finish, use a clear or colored lip gloss over the lip color.

Applying Lip Liner

how to apply lip liner image

Finished Look

how to apply lip liner image

More Lip Tips

  • If you find it hard to keep your hand steady when applying lip liners, you can place dots along the lip edge and then connect them with the lip liner. Be careful not to make the dots too large. Small dots will suffice.

  • Make sure you don’t get lipstick on your teeth. Look in the mirror after application to make sure. If you do have some on your teeth, then use your tongue and gently go over the teeth that have color on them.

  • Lip liners are more easily applied and sharpened if you place them in the refrigerator or freezer for about a half hour before using them.

  • Buying cheap lip-sticks aren't always the best deal! If you have to reapply them all day long, then cheaper isn't always better. To have long lasting color, invest in a few 'good name brand' lip colors. They last a longer time, and are a lot less hassle!

  • Before bed every night, apply chapstick to your lips. It feels great and keeps your mouth from getting as dry overnight. In the morning when you wake up, your lips feel soft as a baby's skin.

  • Remember, Practice Makes Perfect! If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

    Lipstick helps bring definition and life to the rest of your makeup. I never go anywhere without using one. I also recommend that if you choose not to wear any other makeup, then at least wear lipsticks. They can really add to and enhance your face, even without any other makeup! They are an absolute make up MUST HAVE!

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