Lift Breasts Naturally Using These Key Exercises

There are easier ways to lift breasts without getting implants. Simple exercises that you incorporate daily can really help reshape your upper body!

The sad truth however, is that we all have aging breasts, no matter what the actual number is! As women stumble into menopause, (which happens sooner now for many women than it did for our mothers), there are many challenges ahead. Sagging breasts is but one of them.

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During and after menopause, estrogen and progesterone levels fall quickly and signal the breasts that milk ducts and lobes can now retire. As a result, the breasts shrink, add fat, and begin to sag. Of course gravity is still pulling them down to the earth, so that can make drooping even more profound! If your breasts take a drastic drop, you may want to consider implants for purposes beyond the aging process.

However, if you’re ONLY looking for a little pick-me-up times two, there are simple exercises that help keep your boobies firm! There is no way to build up the breast’s fatty tissue, but you CAN build up the pectoralis muscles (called the Pecs), which lift breasts naturally!

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Lift Breasts Naturally Using These Key Exercises

  • To prevent or reduce sagging, you’ll need a set of two-pound weights. (5 pound are fine for more advanced athletes)

    With a weight in each hand, extend your arms outwards to the sides (as pictured above) and do 15 small backward circles, starting with small circles. Do another 15 reps but widen the circles slightly. Repeat with forward circles. Work up to 50 circles in each rep. *Note – If you don’t have weights, you can use no weights or substitute just about anything. Books work well, large candles, juice cans, milk jugs, etc.

  • Shoulder rolls are only good for a little firming but can be done anytime, anywhere. For this exercise, you'll need to stand with your shoulders back and your arms hanging at your sides. Roll back, down, and forward in circular movements 15-20 times. Do this five times a day or more if you have time! This exercise helps to lift breasts progressively.

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  • PUSH UPS are a great way to enhance sagging pecs! Start off by doing 10 push-ups a day but it's especially important for you to keep your arms wide. Work your way up to 20 pushups a day.

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    If you have a hard time getting down on the floor, push against a wall with arms held wide.

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  • The chest press helps to lift breasts by strengthening and toning the entire group of the pectoralis muscles.

    Laying on your back, hold a dumbbell in each hand. Start the exercise with your hands close to your boobs with your elbows pointing out to the sides. Extend your arms towards the ceiling, then slowly return to the starting position. Do 2-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions. To reap the most benefits, keep your back against the floor, tighten abs, and relax the neck.

    You can also do a reverse chest press (pictured above) in a standing position. Leaning over slightly, push weights down towards the floor and back up again.

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  • The chest fly works major muscles of the chest including the pectoralis muscles and the deltoid (shoulder) muscles.

    To perform this exercise, lay on your back. Holding dumbbells, extend your arms up above you toward the ceiling. Your palms should face together with a slight bend in the elbow. With control, bring your arms out to the sides so your upper body is making a "T," keeping elbows bent. Arms should come just to chest level. Then bring your arms back to the starting position. Beginners should start with lighter weights. Aim for 2-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

  • Supporting your breasts is majorly important, especially if you've got big girls! A good bra that supports you well and boobies shouldn't ‘bounce around', even when you're exercising. Women are encouraged to wear a bra all the time to help keep ‘things in place'. I dunno about that one personally! One of the first things I do when I get home is set my boobies free!

  • There are quite a few bust serums on the market that may help increase size or lift breasts but you'll have to look around. Some of them are questionable.

  • Hormone replacement therapy has been touted in the past for its ability to help change some of the effects of aging after menopause. This is a consideration only you and your doctor can determine. There have been too many bad reports about HRT recently, for me to feel good about recommending it. However, like any other drug therapy, it does have it’s place. There are times and circumstances where it may be a good idea. HRT can help keep your breasts from sagging more but the negative effects of the chemicals need to be weighed too. Its all a matter of checks and balances!

    Most every woman past a certain age desires to have firm breasts again. Simply incorporating a few daily exercises to enhance and lift breasts may be all you need!
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