Latisse Side Effects – Possible Problems and Issues

There have been many Latisse side effects reported. Most are incidental but frankly some are quite alarming.

Any medication can have negative results but your eyes are especially vulnerable!

Although most people tolerate the treatment well, there have also been numerous issues and problems after using the product.

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Latisse® is a bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, which assists eyelash growth. Lumigan®, the active ingredient, was originally developed for the treatment of glaucoma. Doctors soon noticed that many of the patients using Lumigan, also grew longer lashes. This led the pharmaceutical industry to develop a lower dose of Lumigan to be used outside the eye area for eyelash growth only.

Reported Latisse Side Effects

Although carefully studied through clinical trials, Latisse is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Anyone using this product should carefully weigh out the pros and cons of treatment. You and your health care provider must consider any prior eye problems you’ve had in the past. The health of your eyes is much more important than having thicker lashes! Latisse side effects may include but are not limited to:

  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Dryness
  • Irritability of eyes
  • Depigmentation of the skin surrounding eyes
  • Swelling

    Other Possible Side Effects

    Other side effects that can also occur. In some cases, hair growth can occur on other areas (like the cheek) if care is not taken during application of the product. If you’re using Latisse, follow the directions explicitly to ensure you apply Latisse correctly!

    Another potential side effect is darkening of the iris to brown for anyone with hazel, green, or blue eyes and/or darkening of the skin along the lashes. Skin changes are thought to be reversible once medication is stopped but changes in the color of the iris may be permanent.

    Serious Side Effects

    There are a few potential serious side effects of using Latisse. Stop using the drug immediately and contact your doctor if you develop:

  • Eye infections (through contamination of the product)
  • Macular edema (swelling of the macula of the eye)
  • Allergic reactions such as rash, hives, extreme itching and swelling, difficulty breathing

    Although many people never have any problems using Latisse, everyone is different so it’s hard to predict who will have problems and who won’t.

    The underlying message is clear. Anyone who experiences negative Latisse side effects should contact their doctor immediately.

    Did You Develop Problems Using Latisse?

    Did you have problems when you used Latisse? Please share your experiences in the form below. It just may help someone else!

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    Problems Using Latisse?

    Did you experience problems after using Latisse? Many people are reporting all sorts of issues with their sight and skin problems like redness and itching.

    Please tell us what happened to you after using the product!

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