Lather Free Shampoo – Understanding How Soap Actually Strips Your Hair

For most people, a good lather is a sign of being clean. As a culture, we have been conditioned to associate soap with cleanliness. However, modern shampoos sometimes offer more lather than restoration, making the cleaning process more harmful than helpful overall. That is why you should consider ditching your traditional shampoo for a better alternative.

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First, you need to understand the way traditional shampoo works. The lather is actually a sign of chemicals in the shampoo. These chemicals are activated when mixed with water. The purpose is to coat the hair, which allows lather to collect all foreign particles on the hair. Then, when you rinse away the lather, you also rinse away the dirt, grease and other grime that can collect in your hair.

This sounds like a good thing, and it has some value. However, these shampoos are overused. With so much use, the shampoo runs out of foreign particles to attract. Instead, it starts to strip away actual elements of your hair. Over time, this can lead to damage that leaves your hair looking thin, straggly and frizzy.

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Lather Free Shampoo Offers Superior Protection

Therefore, to clean your hair without damaging it, you need alternative shampoo options. Fortunately, there are now plenty of shampoo brands that are designed with a more natural approach to washing. These shampoos clean without much lather. Think about it this way. If standard shampoos are made to strip your hair, these alternative shampoos are designed to infuse it with goodness. The difference, for most people, is apparent after a single washing. Better still, the impact of no-lather shampoo only improves with time.

How is this even possible?

The answer can be traced to sulfates. Sulfates are included in most traditional shampoos. This active ingredient helps remove grime from your hair, which may damage the hair itself in the process. Therefore, to restore your hair to its former glory, look for shampoos that do not utilize sulfates to clean. This way, you are still able to wash your hair regularly without compromising its strength and vitality.

Shampoos without sulfates have other benefits for your hair and scalp. Instead of sulfates, these shampoos rely on natural ingredients. These ingredients have many restorative properties. With consistent usage, these shampoos can make your hair silky, smooth and strong. Over time, your hair will be less likely to break, which can reduce the amount of frizz. Moreover, the shampoo serves as a nurturing agent that can affect your scalp. People who suffer from scalp irritations can see profound results with these lather-free shampoos.

Going sulfate-free is a good way to start revitalizing your hair. You will see the best results if you pick the best products. That is why you need to check out WEN by Chaz. Created by a Hollywood stylist, WEN is the superior alternative to normal shampoos. Its ingredients are completely natural, giving your hair a cleanse that leaves no lasting damage. Give your hair the care it needs by skipping normal shampoo and turning to WEN instead.

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